Friday, December 06, 2013

Friday Five

1. Greetings from bitterly cold Colorado! I woke up crazy early this morning and looked at the temp:

I know I shared a screen shot of the temp the other day but the big story here is that it's c-c-c-c-c-cold. Crazy, stupid cold. We did end up getting a couple inches of snow and school was cancelled yesterday. We already have a 2-hr delay this morning but I think there's a fair chance they could cancel because of the extreme cold. We shall see! *Update CANCELLED again today. I love short weeks and long weekends. :)

2. Our church is doing something different this year during Advent. Typically we have soup suppers at church on Wednesday nights but this year we're gathering in homes for a potluck meal and time of reflection/sharing. A handful of church members are hosts each Wednesday evening and other members are encouraged to select the closest host home and meet there for a time of food and fellowship. Our neighbors are hosts so we walked around the corner on Wednesday night and enjoyed an evening with friends old and new. It was such a nice night. We ate, we sang, read scripture, and shared about "peace"(the theme of the evening). Looking forward to the next two Wednesdays of Advent!

3. My two favorite words this holiday shopping season: Amazon Prime
John signed us up for Amazon Prime several months ago but I only started using it these last few weeks. FREE two-day shipping? Yes, please. It's pretty awesome! I needed something this week and didn't have the time or desire to brave the temps and trek to the Springs. Amazon Prime to the rescue! I sat down Wednesday afternoon and placed an order and my "item" should arrive today. I'll show you a pic of my item next week--I'm hoping it's as fun as it looked online!

4.  Did any of you watch The Sound of Music with Carrie Underwood? The girls and I watched it last night. Color me unimpressed. I love Carrie Underwood as a singer but not as an actress! Nothing can compare to the Julie Andrews version. Nothing! I looked over at my girls last night while they were singing and thought to myself: They know all the words to these songs. I have succeeded as a mom. My work here is done. Ha!

5. I had a moment this week where I felt overwhelmed by gratitude because my kids genuinely LOVE each other. Sure, they have their moments but they're few and far between. I'm deeply grateful for this…


Lee Ann said...

My girls have a snow day today and are watching the Sound of Music. I just sent my husband a text "Carrie may be able to sing, but she sure can't act like Julie."

Gretchen said...

Even though the negative temps are crazy, I'd rather be in CO than in NC today. It's 80 and I had to use the AC in the car. Not a good day for this cold-weather-lovin' girl.
I keep hearing about the benefits of Amazon Prime. I need to investigate. Sounds really amazing.
Yes, it is such a lifter of the soul to see our children genuinely love each other. Good job, Momma!

Judy said...

It's so satisfying when your kids really like each other, huh? I have two kids (one of each) that are three years apart. They always got along growing up, but when college came, I felt like they grew apart. Then they both got married and times together seemed awkward. Now the four of them are living in the same house for about eight months. I see much bonding going one and it makes my mama's heart so happy. :)