Sunday, April 13, 2014

April Currents

Current Read: I'm still reading Bread & Wine by Shauna Niequist and it is SO good. Oh my gosh, her Blueberry Crisp is amazing. I've made it three times in three weeks and am thinking about making it for breakfast in the morning. I'm also reading this Bread and Wine book. So funny...

Current Playlist: Chris Tomlin, Jared Anderson, Matt Redman, New Life Worship, and Passion. So basically a worship mix.

Current Color(s): Lime green. And anything else that feels springy. 

Current Drink: I just discovered the white chocolate mocha from Starbucks last week. Oh dear me, it's delicious.

Current Food: I'm hooked on this specific Greek yogurt with this specific granola on top, because I'm not picky or anything. So good. Most dairy bothers my stomach but thank goodness I can handle this yogurt!

Current Favorite Favorite: The leopard flats I bought last fall. I dug them out from the back of my closet when our weather finally warmed up enough to wear them last week. They are so fun...and so comfy...and they go with everything!

Current Addiction: I am addicted to the sushi from my local supermarket. It's so yummy...and inexpensive. I've been picking up a roll almost every time I go to the store lately. Addicted.

Current Wish List: I can't believe I can't think of anything right now. I usually have a wish list a mile long.

Current Need: A new washing machine. Ours is not going to make it much longer.

Current Triumph: Lately it's been pretty clear to me what to say yes to...and what to say no to...that feels like a big triumph to me!

Current Annoyance: Cold, snowy weather. I'm ready for summer!

Current Mood: Relaxed. I love Sunday afternoons.

Current Blessing(s): I'm really feeling grateful for my marriage and my family. Some friends of mine are going through some r--o-u-g-h stuff right now and it helps put my blessings in perspective.

Current Outfit: A Patagonia fleece top I've had since probably 1996 and paisley pajama pants. Don't judge. It's a lazy Sunday afternoon and it's snowing here. 

Current Excitement: A new season of Mad Men begins tonight!

Current Project(s): I've been working on a website for my Beachbody business. If you want to jump over there and take a peek I'd LOVE it. I hope to add some more content soon so if you want to bookmark it and come back that would be even better!!!

Current plans for the day: Well, today is almost over but my plan is to eat dinner soon. I made chili since it's snowing and it's probably the last time we'll have it for awhile. After dinner I need to get things in order for tomorrow (do you prep on Sunday evenings for the week ahead?) and then I'm retiring to my warm, comfy bed to watch Mad Men. 

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adrienne said...

The Kind granola bars are really good too! I get mine at Target.