Wednesday, April 09, 2014


I have a funny story to share. My hope is you can LAUGH with me.

After I left Glen Eyrie yesterday, I grabbed some lunch and headed to a diagnostic center in Co Springs. I had my yearly mammogram last week and they called me back for "additional views" of my right breast. It's not uncommon to get called back and I wasn't nervous or concerned at this point because this isn't my first rodeo, people. 

Let me just interject here for my family and friends that are easily swayed by fear and worry that I'm more than fine. They got the views they needed and everything is normal. 


I got called back to the imaging room, got changed, and before the smashing began the technician showed me the images from last week and what they wanted to get a better look at. She showed me two areas of concern. I agreed with her that they did indeed look concerning. I'd just eaten lunch and honestly, all that stuff makes me squeamish and I started to feel nauseous.

She got me positioned in the machine and snapped a couple of pics. As we readied for the third image, I started feeling VERY nauseous. Right after she got me all set up and stepped away to take the image, I said to myself: I'm going to faint.



(I crack myself up).

I came to after a few seconds while staring up at some strange lady I didn't immediately recognize. I was horrified. Not to mention fully exposed from the waist up. Awkward.

She was so kind in the moments that followed. She let me lay there on the cold, concrete floor which felt surprisingly great since I was sweaty and clammy. Yeah, the germaphobe in me lost that battle. Another tech came in and brought me a cold wash cloth for my head and after a few minutes they worked together to get my last two images, one never leaving my side.

Surprisingly I didn't hit my head when I fell but my arm hit the corner of the machine and I have a pretty nasty scrape and bruise on my tricep (or my flab)(ummm, let's go with tricep). I also have a decent abrasion on my breast, a purple knot on my knee and my thigh, and a stiff neck.

I wasn't nervous at all going in but I think I got nervous when she started showing me things and expressing concern. Like I said, I'm squeamish.

Thank goodness the "things" they were concerned about have been there for years...and haven't changed...and have already been viewed via ultrasound...and are just fluid-filled cysts. I am soooooo grateful.

I had to sit there in all of my humiliation for a good 30 minutes before they'd let me leave to drive home. And the tech made me promise to call her when I arrived home safely.

Ladies! It doesn't get much worse than this, does it? If nothing else I hope you'll think of me and LAUGH when you go for your yearly mammo. I'm laughing today despite being crazy sore. And I'm desperately hoping that was an isolated incident never ever ever to be repeated.


Sarah said...

Oh my! I've been having call backs myself - nothing at this point to worry about, but I cannot imagine the pain you are feeling from the bumps and bruises. So sorry...hugs to you!

Jennifer said...

Oh my word, Mer! I'm glad that you were not hurt any worse, but my goodness, you must be sore. So thankful all is well And the visual... I will definitely think of you next time I have to go!

*carrie* said...

Yikes--definitely a memory maker. Hope you recover--physically and emotionally =)--soon!

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you're ok! I will definitely remember this when I start having mammograms! :)