Tuesday, April 15, 2014

SMP = 4.15.14

SMP = Seven Minute Post

Know what today is? Besides Tax Day? It's haircut day for ME! I'm so excited. I can go about eight weeks between cuts but it's been more like twelve. I'm gray and shaggy and my roots are looking rough. I am sooooooooo excited about my appointment today.

John and Abbey set their alarms to get up and see the blood moon last night. Not me. I'm a huge fan of sleep. John said it was beautiful. I betcha I can find some pics online today. :)

See this girl? She won 2nd place in "Interpretation of Poetry" at her speech/forensics tournament last Saturday. I am SO proud of her. Her poet-dad was even prouder.
And see this snow? We woke up to several inches yesterday morning. I'm so over it. More snow (non accumulating) is expected this week. But we're also expecting some nice days too. Spring in Colorado is just nuts. I'm grateful that the forecast for Easter looks to be nice. 

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Hope your day is great!

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Unknown said...

Arkansas Spring has not been much better this year...it was almost 80 degrees this past Saturday..today? We started at 35 degrees. So over it. #diewinter

Yay for a haircut!! Enjoy the pampering :)