Saturday, April 12, 2014

Saturday Stuff + Pictures

Good morning, blog people.

I'm enjoying a slow(ish) Saturday morning despite being up earlier than I wanted to be. I'd hoped to sleep in a bit but two of our kids had to be at school events pretty early so there was no sleeping in for me! That's okay though. I drank my first cup of coffee in bed (bliss!) and John made me pancakes so I kind of eased into the morning which is a nice change of pace from our weekdays.

On tap today: I need to make a huge grocery + Costco trip. Abbey has a speech tournament and we are going to watch her event later this morning. I'm so proud of her. I also need to give my house some attention. My mom is coming this week and I need to get things shaped up around here. I also need to finish getting my kids' Easter clothes rounded up. I'm close....but finding dresses for teenage girls is challenging for me!

Here are some random pics from my week. Keyword = random.
Ummmmmm, yeah, that's the bruise from my fainting episode. It actually looks even worse today. I don't think I'll be going sleeveless for Easter. 

One of Sarah's friends changed her phone to auto-correct the word "fine" to "hannah montana" for April Fools. I guess because our phones are both linked to the my iTunes account the change affected my phone too! Oh. My. Gosh. It has been driving me CRAZY! Every single time I typed the word "fine" it changed it to HANNAH MONTANTA and I didn't know why it was doing that until Sarah's friend confessed this week. It's pretty funny.

I saw some Big Horn sheep at Glen Eyrie this week. There is a herd that lives on the property and I see them there almost every time I go. I was SO hoping they'd be out and was SO happy that they were. It seriously made my day! Aren't they fascinating?

Glen Eyrie is such a beautiful property. It's sooooooo tranquil. My time there was perfect.

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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adrienne said...

Ohmyword! That bruise is awful--funny story tho :) I'm off to find Easter clothes for my three. And yes, I agree, finding dresses for teens is rough. We have snow here in Chicago this morning too. So over it.