Monday, November 14, 2005

Abbey and I made play-dough this afternoon...and of course it had to be PINK! She loves to get out my cookie cutters and make all sorts of shapes and things...especially princesses. After years of picking play-dough off the floor and out of the carpet, I finally came across a terrific idea. I give her a large cookie sheet and let that be her work surface. It's extremely portable, and the mess is contained! Clean-up is a breeze! I just wish I had known about this years ago! Posted by Picasa

It started snowing this afternoon around 4:oo. There is a winter storm just west of here that is dumping major snow in the mountains. The ski resorts are getting some great powder. We'll likely only get a few inches, but it's still fun for us. We've lived here for two years, and we are always excited when it starts to snow. It really just makes me want to hole up inside with a warm bowl of soup or a cup of hot tea.

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