Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Mystery Solved!

I think we've solved the mystery of Abbey's hives...pistachios! They were such a hit, that I bought some more this week. The kids were eating them in the den, and all of the sudden Abbey started crying because her eyes were "hurting" and she was itching. It happened again a day later, and so being the Einstein that I am, I put two and two together and promptly removed the offending nut from her presence, and she's been fine ever since. Isn't that crazy??!!?? I may have to let Will and Sarah finish eating this round of pistachios on the sly, but I don't think I'll be buying more.

Yeah! School is back in session today, and the kids are about to leave. We've still got snow on the ground, and it is very, very cold. John had breakfast really early this morning with some friends, and when he got home this morning, he said it was 5 degrees! Brrrrrrrr

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