Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Trick or Treat

The kids really love getting dressed up for Halloween. They love deciding what they want to be, then helping me find the stuff to create their costume. This year, Abbey chose to be a fairy. Sarah, true to her creative self, decided to be an artist. (She got tons of compliments on her creative costume!) And Will decided the morning of Halloween that he'd like to be a knight, which sent me on a wild chase to find some knightly attire. It was really, really cold at trick-or-treat time, so we tried to dress them warmly. We visited several houses on our street, but it was so cold after the first few houses, that John had to get the van and drive us around the neighborhood. Abbey and I came home after about 20 minutes and passed out candy to our trick-or-treaters, but John, Will, and Sarah went back out for more candy. They came back with so much loot. They even helped replenish our bowl of treats we were giving away a couple of times! I think we're going to be eating candy for a long, long time!

When we moved to Colorado two years ago, everyone warned us that it is always cold and snowy on Halloween...and amazingly it has been pretty true. This year, we escaped the snow (it snowed the day before) but it was a bitterly cold night. That's okay though...I remember plenty of Halloweens when it was muggy and hot, and we'd come home with mosquito bites!!! I can't say I miss that!

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