Thursday, November 17, 2005

Abbey's preschool class learned all about the first Thanksgiving today. I helped in her classroom this morning, and had the best time. They each made a pilgrim hat and an indian hat. Then, their teacher told them the story of the indians helping the pilgrims grow and harvest food, and giving thanks to God together at the first feast. They acted out the story a few times, taking turns playing pilgrims and indians (wearing the appropriate hat), and then sat down to a yummy "friendship feast". It was the cutest thing! Her teacher had constructed the Mayflower out of a cardboard box (it was awesome!) and used it as a prop in the "play". They all wanted to be pilgrims so they could get in the Mayflower!

Abbey missed both days of preschool last week because she was sick, and didn't have school Tuesday because of snow. Her friends were happy to see her today, and she was happy to see them too!

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