Wednesday, November 30, 2005

We're NOT in Kansas anymore!!!

We've had quite an adventure this week getting home from Arkansas! A major blizzard shut down a large section of I-70 in Kansas...the interstate we travel to Colorado. We were stranded for two nights in Hays, Kansas while waiting for the interstate to re-open. What is typically a 12-13 hour drive turned into 2 days!!!! We were very fortunate to find a hotel room. We saw lots of news reports of families having to sleep in their cars or in a Red Cross shelter. I can't imagine having to do that with children!

We tried to make an adventure out of our predicament and we actually had fun as a family! It gave us all a chance to get caught up on our rest and the kids LOVED the fact that the hotel room had cable tv...a luxury they don't have at home! Our hotel was next door to Walmart so we had everything (and more) that we could possibly need. This really was an adventure that our kids will likely remember for a long time. I hated that they ended up missing two days of school though. Last month, we got stranded in Arkansas overnight when our return flight was cancelled, so I guess we're not having much luck leaving that state, are we???

We're happy to report that we're safe and sound. Our Thanksgiving was great. And we are so very glad to be back in Colorado. John and I are seriously considering boycotting travel next Thanksgiving and Christmas!!

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