Wednesday, November 09, 2005

A Missing Tooth, A Sick Girl, and Our Annual Thankful Chain

Sarah lost another tooth a few days ago. Even though it was VERY loose, she was quite surprised when she gave it a yank and out it came! She put the tooth in our tooth fairy pillow, tucked it under her pillow, and awoke to find $2!!!! Wow! She's pretty proud of the gap she's got, and she's rich too!

Abbey has been sick for a few days. She has the same viral infection (respiratory) that Will had last week. It's pretty pitiful to see her not feel well. She's almost completely lost her voice, and her raspiness is enough to make you wanna cry. She spent most the day in our bed...watching videos, looking at our scrapbooks, and drinking iced tea. She doesn't get to drink tea very often, but she informed me that "you're supposed to drink tea when you're sick, mom!" She was running a temp, so I was just thankful she wanted to drink ANYTHING!! I knew she was starting to perk up a little when she asked to wear her "ballerina clothes". She is into anything pink, purple, or frilly! Cute.

Also today, we started making our annual thankful chain. It's really a simple paper chain (like you made with red and green construction paper in grade school), but I cut strips of paper, and every day we each write something we're thankful for. On Thanksgiving, we hang the chain up in our kitchen and it stays up until the next Thanksgiving. I'll post a picture of the finished chain closer to Thanksgiving, but here are a few of the things we were thankful for today....Dad, our family, princesses, God's provision for our family, and for a good haircut! Like Madame Blueberry learns in the Veggie Tales video...a thankful heart is a happy heart...and we've got some happy hearts around here.

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