Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Boys and The Bears

The Boys--I have a good friend who is the Art Director for Pray! magazine. She called a few days ago and wanted to set up a photo-shoot with John and Will. She's working on an upcoming issue and has an image in mind that she needs to capture, the subject of which is a father and son. John and Will agreed, and she is coming over after school this afternoon to take some of photos. The kicker is that she wants to photograph them from behind. Like walking together or something. Will is pretty pumped...he keeps telling people that he gets to be in a magazine! I don't think he's mentioned that it's his backside they'll be seeing! It is actually pretty neat that she asked them. So, when the magazine comes out, I'll let you know about it here.

The Bears--Well, I'm sure you know that bears usually spend the winter in hibernation. I found an interesting article in the newspaper yesterday about bears and hibernation. The unseasonably warm temperatures this month have caused the bears to rouse from their slumber and they've been found roaming around in certain mountain towns in search of food. (Not here, thankfully!) The experts say that this sometimes happens, but it's short-lived and they'll go back to sleep when it gets cold again. Interesting!

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