Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I had to laugh at my youngest child yesterday afternoon. She was sitting in the floor playing with "Little People" and she told me that she was glad she wasn't two anymore, because when she was "two she didn't know everyfing. And now that she's three, she knows everyfing." Good grief...what will she think she knows when she turns four?

We laughed together this morning when we were running some errands. We were sitting at a stoplight at a busy intersection and this coyote just trotted across the street, oblivious to traffic. At first we thought it was a fox, but it was definitely a coyote. I've seen one around this area before so I'm wondering if this might be his "territory". Don't know. I do know that a LOT of prairie dogs live around there too, so maybe he was in search of a little morning snack.

We were pretty bummed that the Broncos lost the AFC Championship game to the Steelers. Will decided that he was for the Steelers, and we had a little bet going. Because his team won, I had to make his bed for two days and I have to bring him breakfast in bed on Saturday. Believe me, he's eating this up!

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