Sunday, January 15, 2006

Go Broncos!

We were celebrating around here last night when the Broncos beat New England and advanced to the AFC Division Title game! Woohoo! We're fickle fans though. We've never really gotten into the Broncos until this year...when they stayed with their winning streak. We lived in Dallas during the Troy Aikman/Jimmy Johnson era and were BIG Dallas Cowboy fans (we chose which church service we'd go to based on what time the Cowboys played!) After we moved to Arkansas, the Cowboys started losing...and they lost our support. Still, it's fun to have a "local" team to cheer for, and we'll be cheering for the Broncos (and Jake Plummer) next weekend when they play Pittsburgh! GO BRONCOS!!!

Yesterday, I took the girls to the library for an "Anne of Green Gables" party. It was great. Our library is always doing fun things like this, and it's one of the many reasons we love visiting the library. There were tons of little girls there around Sarah's age, and some of them even came dressed as Anne. The Queen of KidLit acted out some of Anne's misadventures from the book and then we had "tea" and made some cute crafts. I think I enjoyed myself as much as the girls.

It is supposed to start snowing tonight and continue through tomorrow, and we are READY! It hasn't snowed here in over a month! I guess that's not entirely true because we've had some light flurries, but we definitely haven't had any significant accumulation. The weatherman said last night we could get 6-8 inches. I hope he's right!!!

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