Friday, January 13, 2006

"Halfy Birthday to You!"

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Today is Sarah's half-birthday, meaning that today she is exactly X.5 years old. Kids at her school enjoy celebrating their birthday by sharing cupcakes or some other treat with their classmates. Because Sarah's birthday usually falls during the summer, we made cookies for her to take to share with her class today. One of Sarah's best friends (also in her class) has the same birthday as Sarah, so their class should be hyped up on sugar this afternoon because her friend was bringing the cupcakes! Birthdays are pretty special at our house and one of our birthday traditions is eating breakfast on our red "You are Special Today" plate. Sarah chose to eat off of the "Princess for a Day" plate instead, and I took this cute picture of her before breakfast this morning. She was in a great mood (can't imagine why?) and was even cracking "half-y" birthday to me. We all sang to her and replaced every "Happy" in the birthday song with "half-y". Pretty cute!

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