Monday, January 16, 2006 did in fact snow last night and most of the morning, and I'm guessing we have about 3 or so inches out there. Not as much snow as first predicted, but we'll take it! We just came in from outside. John took a break from writing (he has a deadline tomorrow) and we went out to play with the girls. We couldn't persuade Will to join us...he was way more interested in playing Lego Star Wars! Anyway, the snow was very fine and powdery and not at all packable...we couldn't even make snowballs! John and I took turns shoveling the driveway, sidewalk, and front steps (great exercise!) and after all our hard work, it's now snowing again! Go figure!

The kids were out of school today for MLK day. I think I could get really used to three-day weekends. Will and Sarah have played exceptionally well together all day long. They spent most of the morning playing legos and they were very proud of the "Seaside City" they created. I'm posting a picture of their creation.

I'm currently reading a book titled, Blue Like Jazz, by Donald Miller. I love it so far. He has a lot of good things to say...and I find him giving voice to some things that I've felt for a while but have never been able to adequately explain. It's nice when you find yourself on the same page (no pun intended!) as the author. So, if you're on the lookout for reading material, add Blue Like Jazz to your list and let me know what you think when you're finished! Donald Miller has an interesting post on his website today (January 16) about Martin Luther King. If you're interested, check it out at

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Anonymous said...

YEA! We got snow too! The girls have had fun playing. Hope you all are doing great (and J. met his deadline :O)