Friday, August 03, 2007

peanut butter and crackers

I came into the kitchen a little while ago looking for some lunch. Lunch is probably my least favorite meal of the day. I don't care for sandwiches, I loathe them in fact. So that means I have to get creative for lunch options.

I opened the fridge and realized I really need to go to the grocery store. There weren't any leftovers because I haven't really cooked this week, and nothing else in there looked appealing, so I opened the freezer. No Lean Cuisines or frozen burritos or anything appealing there either. So I moved to the pantry and it hit me in an instant! I grabbed the Town House crackers and then went back to the fridge for the peanut butter. And the Dr. Pepper.

I don't usually buy soda, but we ordered pizza one night this week, and in a moment of weakness, I bought a 2-liter of Dr. Pepper. My favorite. It is so good with pizza. And such a treat for me.

So I sat and ate my lunch of peanut butter and crackers with ice cold Dr. Pepper and in an instant I was ten years old sitting at a table in the house of my youth eating peanut butter and crackers with ice cold Dr. Pepper and watching the Partridge Family on tv after school. That is the memory I have every time I enjoy that particular food combination. Every single time.

My peanut butter today was organic, and I poured my DP from plastic rather than drinking it cold from the bottle, and if I had turned on our television, I'd have been more likely to find Court TV or Days of Our Lives than the Partridge family, but that's okay. I enjoyed the best lunch I've had in a long time...and decided that I really need to hide a few cans of DP out in the garage so that next time I'm craving some lunch nostalgia, I'll have the perfect combination!


Holly said...

So glad for your memory today...and to know that you don't like sandwiches. How about soup? with French bread? Enjoy your weekend, Mer! Praying for you!!

Robin Green said...

I have wonderful memories when I drink a cold pepsi with peanuts. Yum--takes me back to 10 years old. I'm a Coke woman now, though. I would keep some DP around if I were you--I'm not as good as you are, though, I drink Coke every. single. day. Have a great weekend.