Thursday, November 15, 2007

7 random things...

My friend Joanne tagged me for this meme. Seven random things about me. Here ya go...

1. I love sushi. A few years ago, we were going out to dinner with some friends and as we were driving to the mexican restaurant, our friend, Phil said, "I don't really feel like mexican tonight, how about japanese?" We were totally up for it and that was my introduction to sushi. LOVED it. I think it helped that we were with someone who knew what to order. So now Phil and Lisa are my sushi buddies. John doesn't really like it, but he endures it on my behalf. He even took me to eat sushi on my birthday two years ago. Of course Phil and Lisa came too.

2. I went to college with the girls in Point of Grace. I knew them all, but one of them was my friend, was in a lot of my classes and lived in my dorm. She wrote me the sweetest letter before our wedding telling me why she couldn't be there for our big day. I've searched high and low for that letter, and it makes me sad that it's gotten lost somewhere. Two of the other girls in the group had HUGE crushes on John, and even though we'd been dating for awhile, one of them would flirt with him like crazy. It's funny now, but I didn't find it one bit amusing at the time.

3. The 4th of July is my favorite holiday. I love it for so many reasons...because it's in the summer and summer is my favorite season, because you usually celebrate outside and I love being outside, and because you usually celebrate with friends, because it's low-key and there's none of the stress associated with some of the other upcoming holidays, and because the holiday meal is usually a simple one. I mean, how easy is it to throw something on the grill, open a bag of chips, and just be done with it? I love it.

4. I am seriously afraid of bridges. I don't like going over or under them. I especially hate going under a railroad bridge. It creeps me out. And I can't even talk about that recent bridge collapse in Minneapolis. That was my nightmare come true.

5. When I was in high school I had to watch a film on childbirth in a human growth and development class. And I fainted while watching it. It was so embarrassing!!! In my defense, it was very graphic and the camera was focused directly on the birth canal, and I'll just stop now because it would be crude to describe the rest. In fact, I think it's crazy we had to watch that film in the first place. After I regained consciousness, I had to call my mom to come get me and I swore that I was NEVER ever ever ever ever ever ever having children. I'm so glad I changed my mind.

6. I ran a marathon once. I ran the Little Rock Inaugural Marathon in 2003 as part of a 4-person relay team. I think my part was a little over 6 miles and that is the longest road race I've ever completed. And just so you know, the leg that I ran was the hilliest part of the entire course, thankyouverymuch. It was very cool though because my name was printed on my race bib, and the people (strangers) lining the streets through the Heights were calling my name and cheering me on. It's a day I'll never forget!

7. I quit drinking Diet Coke two years ago. I haven't had a drop of artificially sweetened anything since October 2005. You have no idea how huge that was/is for me.


Leah Belle said...

Thanks for sharing these fun facts about yourself. Its fun to read your references to AR! Its something we have in common!

Deidre said...

I love the 4th of July, too. That's the day my youngest daughter was born.

I fainted during a movie in school, too, but it was THE health movie you watch in the 5th grade. Very embarrassing.

I, too have a fear of bridges. I hold my breath when going under or over them. They terrify me.

Kelly said...

4th of July is my favorite holiday also - for all the reasons you listed.
And I was at school with POG for a semester/year. I'm very curious which girl is which in #2. ha!

Angie said...

Mer, I loved reading about your random facts. Very fun. I remember the POG girls. I got to chat with them after a concert in Ohio in 2004. I helped one girl move into her freshman dorm and another was in my Bible study.

I'm so glad I never saw that childbirth video! It sounds awful.

Have fun on your long trip to Arkansas. Say hi for me. I miss it. We'll be there next year, Lord willing!

Oh, and that is a cool idea about the wedding dresses. I have a friend who used to live in a remote town here in Mozambique and did something similar.

We make a chain on Dec. 1 that is 25 links long. We take off one link a day to count down until Christmas. I love the T-giving idea better.


Kecia said...

I don't mind bridges, but tunnels make me hyperventilate. (exaggerating)
Which Point were you closest to? I was friends with Terry, but had a crush on a guy that had a crush on her. Thank you Lord that part of my life is over!!!
The Rwanda wedding dress minstry is awesome. If you ever can post pictures, I'd love to see them.
Happy Thanksgiving! :)

elaine@bloginmyeye said...

How fun would it be if we could meet for sushi some day? I'm sure my constant gushing about all the things we have in common is getting a little old, so I'll just say that I love your reasons for loving the 4th of July; you have articulated its joys wonderfully. And I once fainted while my dad was giving blood; let's just say health care was the first career area I completely ruled out.

Unknown said...


You won the giveaway on my site! Would you email me your shipping info?


*carrie* said...


This was such a fun list--I learned a lot about you!

Stephanie Kay said...

POG: OBU's claim to fame. = )

I'm totally impressed about the marathon. It's one of those goals I'd like to do one day...when I actually have time to myself to train. Which, of course, means never.

leigh said...

It was nice reading those random things. Thanks for sharing.

By the way, my birthday is on the 4th! (So, it's one of my favorite holidays too.)

Girl Raised in the South said...

We saw them in concert, way back when, at our daughter's college - all of them werent even married back then. How fun would it be to find the note! Sweet meme.

Jenn said...

Okay,#2 is weird - what a small world. My brother -in - law and his wife went to OBU. His wife was roommates with Shelly and Denise. Actually she sang with all of them except for maybe Heather (she may have sang with her as well - can't remember).
Shelly and Denise sang in the wedding.