Friday, November 09, 2007

chill and relax

According to the weekly family schedule that Sarah made for us, we're going to chill and relax this weekend. I'm certainly up for that!


Kelly said...

Love the schedule! I think I'll write out one just like it for us!

Holly said...

Sounds wonderful!!

How fun to run into you today at Wal-mart. I love God's timing. Praying for you to have a chilled and relaxed weekend...perhaps a little of the fav. restaurant, too!

Dee Dee said...

Sounds like you definitely need a "chill and relax" weekend after your day Wednesday - so great that you guys turned to scripture and showed your kids how to do that!

John said...

Sarah is so grape, huh?


elaine@bloginmyeye said...

Love that!

*carrie* said...


That is so fabulous!

Those are wonderful weekend goals--hope you enjoyed it.