Thursday, November 15, 2007

I love this...

Many of you know that our family attends an Anglican church with ties to the country of Rwanda. A group from our church went to Rwanda this summer to befriend and minister to believers in our sister church over there. The stories they've shared since arriving home have been beautiful and touching and have spurred many of us on to do more for these dear people.

I loved the idea that one friend shared with some of us about a month or two ago. She was talking with a group of ladies from the church over there, asking for specific ways that we could bless and encourage them and one of them shared how wonderful it would be for the women to have a beautiful dress to wear during their marriage ceremonies. Most of the people there are so incredibly poor. The stories of their lack have been especially stirring to it any wonder they long for heaven in the way they do?

So, this friend came home with a mission to collect as many wedding gowns as she possibly could and ship them over to the Mother's Union (a group of Christian women in the church) for them to loan out to brides so that they can feel beautiful and special and experience a small taste of extravagance on their wedding day.

The response has been overwhelming. So many generous hearts have given their gowns, new and old, to this ministry. Last week, two friends from church packed 10 wedding gowns into space bags and filled a suitcase to be shipped to Rwanda. God came through in a big way and provided *free* shipping for them too. A group from Compassion was leaving for Rwanda this week, and a lady going on the trip agreed to personally deliver the gowns. Isn't that neat? Don't you love stories like this? I especially love the creativity of this ministry. I am praying for the women who will don those gowns, and anxiously look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing photos of how those women have been blessed. And I know the ones who selflessly gave their own gowns away will be blessed as well.

And you know what else? They already have another bunch of gowns ready to be shipped. Isn't that just a beautiful, beautiful offering? I LOVE this!


Diane@Diane's Place said...

What a wonderful, selfless thing to do for your sisters in Christ!

And I'm seeing such a parallel with them and the Bride of Christ....Now that's a sermon that will preach!



Trish said...

Wow, Meredith ~ that is simply beautiful. What an amazing blessing!

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

So cool!

By the way, YOU'RE IT for a blog meme...go check it out on my site.


elaine@bloginmyeye said...

This is a beautiful idea. Guess what?!...I attend an Anglican church with ties to Rwanda too. :) I bet I've been praying for your church unbeknownst to me.