Tuesday, November 27, 2007

We're back from our trip to Arkansas, and we had a wonderful time with our families.

I haven't been in much of a bloggy mood since we got back though. Probably because we came home to a refrigerator full of lukewarm stuff, and getting that cleaned out and repaired consumed most of yesterday (not to mention most of my Christmas budget...ugh).

And for some strange reason I've been in major cleaning mode since Sunday. Cleaning closets, scrubbing floors, washing light fixtures, etc. It feels great to get things done, but it's at the expense of blogging.

Don't worry though...all this cleaning has given me time to compose numerous posts in my head which I will likely share with you soon!


Trish said...

Mer, I wondered if you had made it home ok! Glad to know you're safe, and that you had a good time visiting with your family. I'm looking forward to those posts you have composed in your head. ;)


P.S. Next time you're in Arkansas, if you happen to have one of those major cleaning mode attacks, please call me! LOL

Lindsay said...

Hi Mer... Good to hear you're back from your trek to the Natural State. I've not experienced a cleaning mode attack... Trying to incorporate Fly Lady's " You can do anything for 15 min routine".

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

My parents once came home from a two-week trip one hot summer to blood running out the garage from the side of beef that defrosted and spoiled when the freezer broke.


Sorry about your fridge. But happy cleaning. I get in that space at times too and always enjoy it when I FEEL like cleaning. Then I know I can sit back and relax without it hanging over my head.


P.S. Welcome home...missed you!

*carrie* said...

Welcome back, Mer!

We came home to a spoiled fridge this summer after a long drive with a crabby baby. Not fun! I posted about it back in July.

Kelly said...

I feel the need to clean as well! I'm trying to get my house decorated first because I always make a big mess with glitter and pine needles and then I have to clean. We are having our sunday school party at our house in a week so I have a lot to do!
Welcome back - hope ya'll had a great time in AR!!! I guess you are sad about Houston Nutt - but we'll get a good coach I'm sure! And he'll do great at Ole Miss!