Friday, February 22, 2008

I Must Get Out of This House!

Abbey is staying home with me again today. She's feeling much better, but still running a low-grade temp, and really, what's one more day when you've missed the entire week of school?

The difference between my life this week and my life last week is stark. Last week my calendar was full, and I was barely home. This week my calendar is (gloriously) empty, and I've barely left the house. In fact, I can count on 3 fingers how many times I've been out this week--once for our date, once for a hike, and once to take Abbey to the doctor. Three times in a week. Can you say cabin fever?

So...I'm taking my patient with me today and we're going to the post office to mail some stuff. After that we're going to Blockbuster to exchange our dvd mailers for free movie rentals. And then we're heading to the grocery store.

And tonight, I'm going to Bunco all by myself.

I don't know that I've ever been so excited about Bunco. Or the post office. Or the grocery store. Write that down somewhere. I believe I just mentioned enthusiasm for a grocery shopping trip.


Kelly said...

Have fun at bunco!!!
I would totally have cabin fever too!

His Girl said...

glorious! have a great time!

Gretchen said...

It's so true! And BUNCO all by your self...must feel like an all expenses paid vaca. :)

Glad the patient is feeling better, though. Happy almost weekend.

Casey said...

Have fun!!! I have a date with the library myself! :)

Jennifer said...

Such truth! As much as we love our kiddos, it can cause us to go stir crazy when we don't get out much!

Have a fantastic time at Bunco!

Jessica said...

I know how you feel.. I love getting out! Even after working all day long, I want to go out to eat. Ha!

Girl Raised in the South said...

This time of year, the weather and sick kids, can do that to you. Doesnt matter where you go, just that you do! Enjoy your cabin fever cure!

Teri H said...

I hope you had fun at Bunco! Am I gonna get to meet you at Joanne's tomorrow?


Jenn said...

Hope you had a great night out with friends! Bunco - I have never played but I have thought about joining a neighborhood group. I've heard it is lots of fun.