Wednesday, February 20, 2008

News Flash!

The girl is feeling much better today. She's still running fever, but is acting much more like herself.

I knew she was perking up when I dropped her brother and sister off at school this morning and she asked if we could go to Starbucks for some hot chocolate. Of course I said yes. It's dangerous that Starbucks is only a couple of blocks from the kids' school AND has a drive-thru. Really, I was just so happy that she wanted to drink something. And Starbucks always makes me feel better. :)

I knew my day would consist of playing nurse, so I kept my to-do list manageable. Or so I thought. So far I've only managed to do one thing...and I had lots of help. Those cute flowers are for a Daisy project we're doing next time we meet. It's going to be super cute. I did manage to get some pictures sorted for the yearbook project I'm working on--in between getting popsicles and juice and crackers and paper and markers and changing dvds and putting clothes on polly and reading books to the patient. At this rate, it doesn't look like I'm going to get my menu plan figured out until after bedtime.

For lunch, Abbey insisted on getting out her porcelain tea set and serving me goldfish and water.

It was lovely. Mid-way thru "tea" she said, "Mom, I have a great idea. Why don't you be my maid?" Ummm, news flash! I've been your maid for as long as I can remember, sweetie.

Yep, she's feeling better. Not 100%, but close! She'll be home with me again tomorrow because she's still running a temperature, but I'm certainly not going to plan on getting much done. I'm having WAY too much fun playing with the girl!

Oh...she was SO happy we picked up her Valentines yesterday. She made the adorable box that they're in. Cute, huh? And her sweet little Daisy friends delivered a card yesterday afternoon full of get-well wishes. Needless to say, she feels loved.


Deidre said...

She is SO cute! I'm so glad she is feeling better. I hate when mine are sick, but it's a good excuse to snuggle with them. Have fun tomorrow, and yes, keep that list short. There are more important things to do :)

I love that valentine box. You all are so crafty. I still have to try to make a box. On my to-do list. I already have my paper - just no time to actually do it.

Unknown said...

I meant to comment yesterday but my little slave-masters kept interrupting me!


So glad that she is feeling better! She's looking more bright eyed today!

Crafting, coffee and TLC...It sounds like you both have had a lovely day!

Stephanie Kay said...

So does your slave driver ever loan you out? ; )

Gretchen said...

And doesn't the Bible say for masters to be kind to their slaves??? ;)

Where is the syrup? So I can eat her up with a spoon...


Amy said...

Sounds like your priorities are in the right order!

His Girl said...

tell your DARLING daughter to keep dreaming... I want a maid too!!!

Kelly said...

You are SUCH a fun mom!!!!!
I'm glad she is feeling better!

Teri H said...

LOL on being her maid! That is so cute!

Jenn said...

So glad that you and Abbey had some special time together!