Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Rollin' with it...

I thought this afternoon I'd be posting fun pictures of my cute kindergartener on her field trip to the farm. You know, the field trip that has been rescheduled twice this month because of snow. Actually, I would love to post some pictures, but unfortunately I don't have any because Abbey is home sick today.

She has a yucky cold, and a yuckier cough, and even though this trip to the farm is all she's been talking about for weeks, she decided this morning that she didn't feel like going. It's so unlike her to willingly miss anything so I knew she must feel really, really bad.

In addition to playing nurse, I've been able to get some laundry done and my kitchen floor mopped. Nothing like a day at home to get caught up on chores!

Speaking of chores... lately Abbey hasn't been very willing to let me get my cleaning done in the afternoons when she's home. She'd much rather me be playing with her. I do play with her, but I also like to keep my house relatively neat and clean too. A couple of weeks ago, I told Abbey that I really needed to clean the bathrooms. And, of course, that didn't sit well with her because she wanted to play Cinderella. My creative child was willing to compromise and allow me to clean by deciding I would be Cinderella and she'd be the wicked stepmother. Cinderella would be banished to the basement to do all the cleaning and scrubbing, while she would be upstairs getting ready for the ball (dress-up and real make-up were involved). It was hilarious, but it worked! She let me finish cleaning the bathrooms and fold some laundry before she realized that she was playing mostly alone. We've repeated this little game a few times, and she thinks it's the grandest thing to boss me around. :)

SOS! I just switched out a load of laundry, and as I was cleaning the lint filter on the dryer, Sarah's tube of strawberry-kiwi Lipsmacker (yeah, the same one that got washed because it was in the pocket of her jeans) rolled down into the filter compartment. Oops. I tried to get it out but my arm wasn't long enough. The dryer started just fine though. What should I do???? And is my next load of laundry going to smell like strawberry-kiwi Lipsmacker???? It's always something around here!


*carrie* said...

Sorry to hear Abbey's not feeling well. I'd never heard of that farm, so I'm glad you included a link. I still use strawberry Bonne Bell sometimes--such a nostalgic scent!

Jenn said...

Sorry your little one is sick and you missed out on the field trip.

Not sure what to tell you about the lip stuff falling into the lint filter. But I can tell you that we have dryed our lip stuff (oldest has had the worst time with chapped lips since the winter)a few times and it leaves lovely grease spots all over the clothes being dried. Ruins them - fun.

I hope you figured it out and that Abbey is feeling better this afternoon.

Reva said...

Thank you so much for visiting my site and giving me so much attention and encouragement to blog more. I surely don't intend my blog to be a downer for anyone but just real.

Sounds like you have a full life as a wife and mother and are experiencing the unfun part of caring for sick kids. I've been there, done that and now my daughter is doing the same. When things seem the worst and out of control just step back and say to your self "Will I even remember this 20 years from now?" If not, then it's probably not so bad.

Jennifer said...

Try Dawn dish detergent. I think it's the blue 'oxy' one. I googled it when my daughter got a greasy crayon stain and many said to try this trick. Couldn't hurt to try so I did. And it worked. I use more organic cleansers so now I have to keep Dawn in my laundry basket. ROFL

Let us know how it turns out.......hope your daughter feels better really soon!

leigh said...

Vacuum it out! Does your vacuum have an attachment? either vacuum it out outright, or try to 'grab' it with the crevise attachment. good luck.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

Yep, I'm pretty sure Madeline would love to boss me around! :)