Thursday, April 24, 2008


Yesterday afternoon, the girls and I went to Focus on the Family to meet my friend, Leah. Leah's husband is a minister, and their church graciously gives their ministerial staff a month-long sabbatical (after 4 years of ministry) and they chose to spend part of that time in Colorado! Leah is a blog friend of mine and we got to meet IRL (in real life) yesterday, and it was so much fun!

She is SO sweet, and I enjoyed talking to her while our kids played. The visitor center at Focus on the Family has a fabulous indoor play center, Wit's End, on the bottom floor. There's a gigantic, three-story slide (A-Bend-A-Go) and a puppet theater, a reading nook, a stage and dress-up clothes for putting on plays, a recording studio, and MUCH more, including a soda shoppe. The kids eventually warmed up to each other and had a fun time, and Leah's husband was great to help keep an eye on everyone so we could visit. As we were driving to pick Will up from track practice, Abbey said, "Mom, I really liked that family we played with at Focus. Especially the little girl. She was so nice."

Earlier this week, I got to meet another blog friend, Carrie.

I think this whole blogging phenomenon is so amazing. I've met so many people out there who I'm sure I would gravitate toward if we lived closer. Blogging has expanded my circle of friendship beyond the parameters of my community and has enriched my life in so many ways.

People ask me if I get nervous about meeting all these blog friends, and honestly, no, I don't. Probably because I tend to be an extrovert and a people person, and meeting new people is something I enjoy. And like I said earlier in the week, it's not really as if I'm blindly meeting someone. Leah and I have been reading each other's blogs since last summer, and so even though I met her face-to-face yesterday, I really have "known" her for about a year. Because we've "known" each other for awhile, we were able to skip some of the surface-talk and share some heart to heart stuff, and it was very, very good!

Leah...thank you for taking time to connect with me. I hope the rest of your time in Colorado is wonderful. And I'll even be *okay* if it snows while you're here because I know it would make your family happy!

Oh...and notice my haircut? I didn't chop it off after all!


Jenn said...

I am so glad you were able to meet up with Leah and her family. Isn't she great - I am a little partial.

I was anxious to here what y'all thought about the Focus Welcome center when Leah told me you were meeting there. My oldest is a Odyssey freak! We are thinking of coming to Colorado for a summer trip so he can go there. So do you think it is worth a trip from Texas? If so, I may pick your brain for other things to do while in CO.
Glad you were able to meet IRL! Sounds like a fun day.

Holly said...

Your haircut was the first thing I noticed. I like it that length, Mer!

Our church is giving our pastor a three month sabbatical after 5 years. It was the first time I ever heard of a church doing that...what a really good idea.

I'm glad you and Leah got to have a good visit!

Now, I'm headed to Chick-fila. We put it off 'til lunch this morning.

Kelly said...

I haven't been nervous at all about meeting blog friends and I don't even think it's weird or strange. It's like I already know them almost better than some friends I have in real life!
Blogging has been one of the best things in my life this past year!

Elizabeth said...

I've always wanted to go to the visitors center at Focus. I almost studied there for a semester in college, but I got married instead.

*carrie* said...


So fun that you got to meet two blog friends in one week! I think it's funny you met at Focus, since my mom and I had talked about taking Nathan there on Monday before our lunch.

Unknown said...

So fun!

I am meeting my first "blog" friend tomorrow! I can't wait!


Julie said...

Your comment made me laugh as I remembered when Julie G's mom thought I could be an axe murderer...after all she had met me through the internet. I loved Julie's response... "Mom she's got 5 kids and home schools, I don't think she's an axe murderer."

I am glad you all were able to meet in person. I know what you are talking about. Since I have been here in blog world I've made some new wonderful friends.


Brenda said...

That's so neat to be able to actually meet a blogging friend.

While visiting there, I and my SIL and our girls went to Focus on the Family. I think I have a pic just like yours in that Soda Shoppe.

Our goal is to move there (not Focus...!) in a year or so. I have a sister and brother who live there as well as more family in the neighboring cities. I am so excited and want to leave now, but have to be patient. Hope you don't mind me hanging out at your blog, it helps my homesickness right along!
God Bless,

His Girl said...