Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Stuff...

Did you know today is Earth Day?

Look what Abbey did with her Daisy troop this afternoon.

They each planted a tree! A pine sapling, actually. A couple of weeks ago, we made a worm habitat, and each of the girls got to add some of our fat and happy worms and some compost to their pot. They LOVED it!

Did you know that the first Earth Day celebration was April 22, 1970? Yep. And guess what? I wasn't even alive then. It makes me feel young to verbalize that. Anyway, we talked to the girls about taking care of our environment, and next week we're going to finish earning our green petal (our last one for the year!) when an environmental engineer comes to talk to us about recycling.

Sarah got a fun surprise in the mail today. One of her American Girl dolls, Kailey, has been in the hospital. Her poor arm fell off a while ago. Sarah showed it to her grandmother when she was visiting over spring break, and Mimi sent Kailey to the American Girl hospital for her. Kailey arrived home today complete with hospital gown, get-well balloon, and her arm as good as new. Sarah was elated! Thank you, Mimi. Daughter and doll are happily snoozing together right now.

It's been another good day...and tomorrow is shaping up to be fun too. Stay tuned for the question of the week...


Deidre said...

I started to feel a little dread when I read you weren't even born on the first earth day. Then, I realized .... I wasn't either - ha ha.

What a precious picture of your daughter and her doll!

Jennifer said...

Did you watch Oprah yesterday? I tried to make a point of tuning in because the whole show was on Earth Day. I missed a part of the beginning but did see Julia Roberts and some woman (forgot the name) making compost. So cool!

Sandra Bullock was on as well. I didn't realize she had a restaurant in Austin AND she has been living eco-friendly since a kid. Wow!

Mrs.Naz@BecomingMe said...

Sweet pictures

Jenn said...

I love American Girl - my nieces were reallly into them a couple of years ago and I enjoyed buying stuff for them. The store in NYC is amazing.

I had no idea earth day had been around that long. How fun that your youngest planted a tree. I have wanted to do that with my boys.

Have a great day!