Tuesday, September 30, 2008

$8.16 date and more random stuff...

I stayed up until midnight last night finishing up my Pikes Peak story so I could post it here today, and right before I logged off, I clicked the wrong button and instead of saving it, I DELETED it. Oh, I was so M-A-D. It was very long and I had worked so hard and now I get to start all over again. I was not a happy camper when I crawled into bed last night.

So...because I don't have something really interesting to share, let me just ramble on about what's going on around here.

I just got home from a lunch date with John. We ate at Chipotle, our favorite lunch spot. I always get the same thing there--a steak burrito bowl. I had to wait about five minutes for them to put out some more steak, but was pleasantly surprised that they comped my meal. Lunch for both of us was $8.16 What can I say? I'm a cheap date! :)

This morning, I resumed my volunteer job at the girls' school. I've been a library helper for the last several years, and I go once a week and shelve books or do whatever our librarian needs done. I put off starting because I was hiking so much and training for Pikes Peak. I really didn't think I missed it, but once I got back in my groove today, I realized that I love that job and I have missed being there.

I finally feel like I've found my stride as far as the school year goes. I've tried to arrange my schedule so that I have Mondays and Fridays at home. I like to get up on Monday and get things back in order after the weekend, and I like to be home on Fridays and get the house clean so that I can let things slide on Saturday and Sunday. Tuesday is my busy day because of my volunteer job and Brownies. I'm the co-leader for Abbey's Brownie troop...and I love that too. I think I love it because my talented friend, Jen, is the real leader and I'm really there for crowd control. Seriously, it's a great group of girls, and I have a lot of fun with them. That leaves Wednesday and Thursday pretty open, but I'm such a homebody that I generally find reasons to stay home on those days too!

Abbey finished up her cross country season last night. We're really, really proud of her! She's such a great little runner and she told us she wants to do track in the spring!

We visited a new church on Sunday, and I loved it. Up to this point, we've only visited a couple of others, but I haven't really felt very hopeful about what's out there until now. I was pleasantly surprised. We walked in and realized we knew several families and friends. The music was great, the sermon was great, people were friendly, and my kids felt comfortable enough to go to Sunday school. I so needed that glimmer of hope. We're going to continue to visit around, but we'll definitely go back there again. One huge perk for me was that we were home by 11AM. I love being able to get up, go to church, but still feel like I have the rest of the afternoon to enjoy. We came home and ate lunch while watching the Broncos. Love that!

Speaking of football...every single one of my teams lost this weekend. And that's all I'm going to say about that because any more would just add to the shame.

Can you believe tomorrow is October??? Me either! October is always such a busy month for us. I'm sure it will fly by too. I actually hope it will because I'm doing something VERY FUN at the end of October. I'm going somewhere all by myself for a weekend. Wanna guess where??? If you're the first person to guess correctly, I'll bring you back a small souvenir! (If you already know, you can't guess, 'kay?)

Must go and retrieve the boy from school, then head out to Brownies. Enjoy your Tuesday!!!


Adventures of Laura said...

Yeah for free lunch - or free food altogether. The other day I had a package of meat comped at the grocery store because it rang up wrong. I was doing the happy dance on my way out of the store!

Volunteering at the library sounds like such fun - and hooray for Brownie leaders! My mom was a Girl Scout leader until I finished up in Cadettes and I helped lead a Brownie troup in high school. The girls are such a joy! The cookies aren't bad either... ;)

Teri H said...

I'm a cheap date too. The other night D and I went to Taco Bell for the 4 tacos/$1 (when the Rockies score more than 7 runs)... our total = $2.16!

Volunteering in the library does sound like fun! I love being around books!

I'm glad that you found a church you feel comfortable in... I'll continue to pray that God will lead you to the right place!

I have no idea where you'd being going ALONE... will you be along when you get there? Or meeting up with friends? Hmmm....

Elizabeth said...

I guess. . . Arkansas. That's only because I know you love it here. Or there, since I live in Oklahoma now:(

We love Chipotle. The best date restaurant ever!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'm guessing Glen Eyrie, because that's where I would go if I were you.

So sorry you lost last night's post. That stinks.

Jackie said...

Now that is my kind of date.

I actually cringed when I read that you lost your post. Ouch. Especially when you put so much time and effort into it. So sorry!

So glad to hear about the church! Sounds like a place you might eventually be able to call home. :)

I have no guesses on where you might go by yourself, but I'm looking forward to hearing about it!

Gretchen said...

Mmmm lurve a little Mexilunchdate. And the bonus decrease? Saw-eet!

Big's home, so I bet we'll do a similar date soon. I hope so, anyway.

Our teams are on the respirator, too. I think the Hawks won, but the college teams--not so much. When it's fall, we must adjourn to the family room to eat our Taco Bell there. Because those games start at 1 on the west coast.

Your schedule for fall sounds very balanced with a mix of busy school adn busy home and some down time. My schedule as you know has had a blip lately, but I'm confident that things will be on the track they're supposed to be on soon.

Yay Abbey! You go! Man, she doesn't even realize what a gift this is to her body and herself. So cool.

Gretchen said...

and another thing...soooo sorry about the Pikes thing...


Trish said...

Bummer about the lost Pikes Peek post! I would be pretty mad about that too.

However cheap Chipotle sounds fab!

My son sells coupon books as a fundraiser for his school and they have GREAT coupons in them, so the other night we had dinner and dessert from the coupon book for less than $10. We used a coupon for Subway buy a footlong get a 6" free and a coupon for Coldstone buy a love it get a love it free. Then we brought it all home and ate in the living room while watching a movie! It was great fun.

And I LOVE shelving books in the library at the kid's school especially the non fiction because I love the dewey decimal system!!

Michele said...

I love lunch dates and I sooo like it when they are cheap! Our fave football team (GA Bulldogs) lost this weekend too - it really stunk! My hubby follows the pros, but not me, so I don't know if we lost or won. I'm so glad you found a church that made you hopeful. I know that means a lot. I will be praying that God will lead y'all to the one He'd have y'all to be. I love my church family and I don't know what I would do with out them!!! Everyone there is far, far from perfect and our church has certainly has its ups and downs, but I would not trade being there amongst the loving people. I can't wait to hear where you are going at the end of the month! Have a great week!

Deidre said...

I don't think I remember you were looking for a church. That's great you found one where you felt 'fed'. I pray you find one that fits your family perfectly.

Tiffani said...

Atlanta????? Ha, just kidding!! Would be a great visit though!! So sorry about your post and i can't wait to read it...glad you're hitting your stride...there's nothing like a schedule!!

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear about the loss of the Pikes Peak post. I know that is so frustration.

But I enjoyed your post - it is fun to read about the everyday things.

So glad to hear you enjoyed the visit to the church on Sunday! :o)

We were happy (sorry) about our win on Saturday but sad about the Cowboys loss on Sunday.

I know where you are going so I can not guess. Looking forward to reading about your trip later this month.

Dee Dee said...

I really want to guess where you're going....is Santa Fe too far?? I was trying to think of something artsy that would fit you, and I don't know CO that well...

Rae said...

I loved this peak into your day-to-day life! I've never eaten at a Chipotle's, we don't have one out here. Sounds yummy!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

I love Sarah's scrunched up nose in that pic, BTW.

Unknown said...

Such a fun date story! I love it when those things happen.

And I am so sorry about the Pikes post crashing! OOH! that makes me mad when it happens!

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Chipotle is a favorite spot for us too!

I'm enjoying your blog.