Monday, September 01, 2008

Lovin' Where I Live

My OBU friends, Angie and Kecia, recently posted the top ten reasons they love where they live. I love that idea so much that I'm copying it. You're welcome to play along if you want!

Here are my top 10 reasons for loving where I live, and if you must know, it was really hard to limit myself to 10.

1. Mountains! I can't imagine them not being a part of my daily scenery. Plus, they're really fun to climb!
2. We live in a small town. I'm less than two miles from the kids' schools, our pediatrician and dentist, the bank, the post office, the library, and our favorite mexican restaurant. Oh, and Starbucks. How could I forget Starbucks?

3. Coldstone Creamery just opened last week! Yummmm!
4. The sky is brilliantly blue here. I guarantee you, it's not this blue anywhere else.

5. The climate. I used to think "cold" when I thought about Colorado, but our climate is actually very mild. Sure, it gets cold, and it does snow a LOT, but it's not unbearable. Summers here are amazing--mild temps and no humidity!

6. Our 4th of July parade is awesome! It's "The Biggest Small Town Parade in America". No joke.
7. No mosquitos!

8. People here are very health conscious and are extremely active. Not a day goes by that I don't see someone running or biking or hiking. The weather and the natural beauty make you want to be outside. I've really become a health food nut in the five years we've lived here.

9. Columbine and aspen trees!

10. The Air Force Thunderbirds fly over my house often. Can you say *free air show*?

Just for fun, here's the top five things that I don't love about living here.

1. Our family is all in Arkansas. We're 1000+ miles away.
2. I miss Southern food.
3. People here aren't nearly as friendly as in the South.
4. No one here says "ya'll".
5. Water is scarce. We don't have big lakes or many outdoor swimming pools.


Gretchen said...

Oh, goody, I'll play along!

I heartily agree with everything, except the friendly thing. I guess that's because I grew up there, and felt like it was friendly to me. But I didn't have the perspective of moving there as an adult from somewhere else. From what I understand, the South is pretty hard to beat in terms of hospitality.

the skies really are more blue there than anywhere else.

Leah Belle said...

this was fun to read. i may have to do my own list as soon as i get the time!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you would have really enjoyed the Arkansas humidity yesterday. Really nice today (87) with a very nice breeze compliments of Gustav

Kelly @ Love Well said...

If you're still on a quest to move your favorite bloggers to your neck of the woods, this will do it.


My parents are 95% sure they are moving to Colorado next year. My sister and brother-in-law are thinking about joining them. (Can I be far behind?) I'll have to send them a link to this post. It will make them happy.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

We ALWAYS describe a very blue sky as a "Colorado Blue Sky..." (I get it from my mom!)

Kelly said...

I will FOR SURE find a way to come meet you in November at the game!!!! So excited that you will be here!

Teri H said...

Ahem... I live here and I say ya'll... =)

Susan said...

Sigh, yeah, I love CO. I will be comin home one of these years!

*carrie* said...

What a fun list, Mer. Makes me homesick! (Although I love where we live right now, too!)

Michele said...

No mosquitos and no humidity? Oh my, I am so putting it my list of next moves :)

Elizabeth said...

Your ten reasons are the exact reasons I want to live in CO! And I guarantee if I lived there I would still say "ya'll"

Julie said...

Fun post, Mer.

I don't know what you did, but I can see your header now on my Safari browser..

Hope you're having a blessed day,


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Um...hello? I totally say ya'll, ya'll!

Megan L Hutchings said...

I loved this post and I will be stealing it from you ;)!

I will have to agree about the skies...the blue is so gorgeous!

Tea with Tiffany said...

Love Colorado too. And like you, my family is about 900 miles away.

sara said...

what part of Colorado are you in? I've lived here my entire life ... can't imagine anywhere else on earth.

Jenn said...

I enjoyed reading yours and Leah's lists. I need to think if there are 10 things I love about DFW.

Colorado is great - loved the mild summer. Also enjoyed meeting you. :o)