Tuesday, June 09, 2009

10 on the 10th!

Well, I had a super great idea for a 10 on the 10th post but my day didn't go exactly as planned and I simply ran out of time to work on it.

So instead, here's a list of 10 things I did today.


1. Checked on our ladybugs. The girls and I went to the park yesterday and they found dozens of ladybugs. We put them all in the zippered pocket of my anorak until we could get home and put them in LadybugLand. My science-teacher-sister gave Abbey this cute gift for her birthday and now it's home to 34 ladybugs. Abbey told me that lots of them were "married" because they're stuck together with their partner. I just smiled and said, "Um-hmm". 
2. Made a new chore chart for the kids. We started our summer chores after Memorial Day and now we're on this weird Tuesday-Monday cycle. I really want to change that next week. Starting on Tuesday kinda throws me off a little.

3. Loaded up and went to Colorado Springs. Made trips to Party City, Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Tree, Target, Blockbuster, and King Soopers with three children. And you have no idea how tired I feel just typing all that out. I really hate shopping but was on a quest to buy everything my group needs for Vacation Bible School. Mission accomplished!

4. Stopped by Chick-fil-A in between running all those errands. My kids had certificates for free kids meals which they earned thru the summer reading program at the library. Two minutes after leaving the drive thru--two minutes--one of my children threw up. She had been telling me her stomach hurt and she looked sorta pale, but she was also jumping around and telling me she was STARVING. After the episode (I'll spare you the details) she immediately felt better and even nibbled on some chicken. We sat in a nearby parking lot, ate our lunch (nothing like vomiting to curb this mama's appetite), and watched the Air Force Academy gliders and paratroopers (one of my favorite things), and she really did perk up after that so we finished our last couple of errands. 
5. In fact, she was feeling so much better that we made a Sonic stop on our way home. Amber, I did NOT order pineapple Dr. Pepper. Had a vanilla one instead. Yum.

6. Two minutes after we got home, vomit episode #2 happened. Followed by a low grade fever. Ick.

7. Finished up some Girl Scout paperwork. It's one of the things I like the least about GS. 

8. Put on my tulip apron and made this for dinner. And tried not to think about how many calories there are in one serving. It's delicious though...

9. Watched my kids do a super happy dance when their dad bit the bullet and ordered CABLE TELEVISION for the LifeAt7000Feet household. We found a basic cable deal for $10/month with no contract and no hidden fees. Sweet! It gets activated tomorrow. We weren't ready for the switch to digital tv and were going to have to buy a converter box before Friday. Now we don't! Woohoo! 

10. Watched HSM with sick girl (Abbey) and I really need to finish this post so I can run to the store and buy her some popsicles. She still can't keep anything down, but at least we can have them for tomorrow.

If you want to join the 10 on the 10th fun, I'd love to have you. Just pick ten things (anything you can think of) and leave a link to your post below. 

*Mister Linky has been really weird lately. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it will work

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Amber said...

I'm tired just reading about your day.

Sorry that Abbey is sick. Ick. Hope the rest of you don't get it. That's the worst.

And I'll let the non-ordering of the Pineapple Dr. Pepper slide. Only because you had just previously been subjected to vomit, and you were entitled to the drink of your choice as a reward for being a mom (and probably doing what I always do when my kids are throwing up, but have no idea why I do it....holding out your hands like you can catch it. So weird.)

Happy 10th. I'll Mr. Linky mine up later. Still thinking.

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

Hope Abby feels better soon. Isn't it amazing how they can be great one minute, sick the next, great the next and then sick again? My kids do that and it's sometimes hard to keep up:)
I'd love to join this month but am packing and getting ready to leave for Arkansas early Thursday morning with a friend and her kids. Think I better focus on that rather than try to come up with 10 things~which right now would be hard to do! I'm rather tire;)

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

Obviously I'm really TIRED if I can't even spell it correctly!

Cathy said...

Wow! SuperMom!

Yeah, so you know my post about Linc's eating Emma's ladybug...did you catch my last sentence of that post? "Yes, Emma, those ladybugs are "fighting".;) Yeeeah.

Hope the sickies are gone soon. I'm almost positive a PDDP would have cured all her ails...

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I am truly impressed that you got so much knocked out! Yea for you!

Sorry about the stomach bug...hopefully it will pass quickly.

I'm sure you all are happy campers with the cable arriving soon. Don't know what I would do without HGTV and TLC...my favorites!

Jennifer said...

Hope Abbey is feeling better soon! I spent the day running errands with 2 of my 3 kiddos. It's always 'interesting' to go in and out of stores with the kids! LOL

I think the Mr. Linky worked, not sure. If not, I'll try to remember to post tomorrow. ;)

Brook said...

I hope Abbey feels better soon!

I was in the Navigators in college and quite a few of my friends worked at Eagle Lake and some still do...so everytime I hear the Springs mentioned brings a smile to my face. :)

Holly said...

Hey Mer! Our cadet jumped on Friday. He said he was kind of out of it for a bit and realized he needed to pull the cord--scary!

Sorry one of your kiddos is sick...hope it is not shared.

Tiffani said...

Man! I shoulda told you to look for the plate at Michaels and Hobby Lobby!! Oh well.

Oh, poor Abbey, brings horrible memories back of our tummy troubles a few months back...hope she's better soon.

Nothing wrong with sharing your day...save the other for the next 10!

Puva said...

There's been a server overload problem for Mr Linky. Apparently, it could work if you removed a certain header. You can read about it here (http://www.misterlinky.net/blog/?p=126) and here (http://www.misterlinky.net/blog/). Hope this helps.

Take care!

Unknown said...

Oh so sorry about Abbey not feeling well!

THe lady bug village sounds amazingly fun. I know my kids would love it.

And you day in CS sounds exhausting to me...so glad you got that done!

Going to type out my 10 on 10 right now!

Deidre said...

My goodness - I'm tired from reading that. But, Chick-fil-a and Sonic would have made all the difference! (Aside from the vomit)

I hope Abbey is feeling better today.

Carpool Queen said...

Funny how running all those errands alone isn't so exhausting, but hauling three crazy to get out of the house children with you will drain the last bit of life out of your body.

Oh wait, that was me, yesterday.

Feeling your pain, sister, feeling your pain.

Michele said...

I haven't been a very good blogger lately (reading or writing) . . . just super-super busy. But I could NOT miss out on this, so I did a to-do list thing too. I'm exhausted for you after reading about this day. I'm so sorry Abbey is sick. I hope she feels better soon and everyone else stays well.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

I'm still fascinated by the Lady Bug House. Caitlin used to be obsessed with lady bugs when she was about 3. She used to get sunflower seeds and pretend they were lady bugs and name them, bathe them, put them to bed (in a washcloth), etc. Weird kid.

Mollie said...

Love the Ladybug Land. Very neat. Our bugs don't seem to make it into the jar...yet. They get squeezed with love to much before.

Glad the Mr. Linky worked. I loved doing the list.

Yes, I did forget Sonic ice~~ Coke.

Logoly- been there LOVE IT!! They have a wonderful trail and visitor center now. Don't know if they had it when you were here?

Hope Abbey is feeling better!!
I am working on a summer chart to- amazing how much a difference changing days can blow my mind!!

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Check out my blog...I've got a little somethin' for ya!

Maude Lynn said...

Awesome deal on the cable!

Anonymous said...

Getting sick at the beginning of summer is UNFAIR! I hope Abbey feels better soon and that the rest of you stay healthy. Our friend Alex used to fly the skydivers at the Academy. I need to find out if he still does. You'd love him!

Well, I barely made my list of 10 in time for it to be on the 10th. Better late than never, I guess! Thanks for hostessing us!

IdahoAngie said...

I did this earlier in the day but I've been swamped. And forgot to come over here and post that I participated. I am enjoying doing this and will keep it up (unless I forget which I am bound to do eventually because I am so busy). Anywho.. Wanted to say I enjoyed reading yours!

leigh said...

oh, so sorry to hear about your sick child. How come we never really believe them until it's too late?

Gretchen said...

Jewels in your crown for running around and doing all that with 3 kids. I don't care how well behaved they are--it's a lot of work for everyone.

Hope Abbey feels fit as a fiddle presently.

Finally got mine up. ON the 11th.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Shopping with 3 kids is a nightmare. Even just taking one out of the equation makes a world of difference. You made it! Whew!

That ladybug thing is AWESOME! My ladybug girl would love it. Maybe it'll be a mid-summer surprise for her.

Poor little Abbey! Just tell me she didn't throw up any peach shake, because that would be a sad shame.

Sorry I'm joining the party late! :)

Lauren said...

I have been sooo bad these past couple of times about the 10 on the Tenth. Will you forgive me?? :)

Lisa said...

What a fun idea! Maybe I will join in next month, if I can remember.

I wouldn't miss TV except for football either and I also dislike shopping. Actually, its not too bad doing it online, if I'm looking for something specific.

We've had the same cool weather here in CT, too. C'mon summer!!