Thursday, June 11, 2009


I googled 'synonym for random' and one of the results was aimless. So I googled the definition of aimless and got devoid of purpose or direction.

That's a perfect title for this post.

So, the vomiting continues around here. That makes day 3 if you're counting. Same kiddo. It hasn't spread but I keep wondering if my stomach really hurts or if it's just in my head.

I thought Abbey was much better yesterday. She kept at least 12 Otter Pops down, and ate some plain pasta for dinner but she woke up early, early this morning and threw up every 30 minutes for a couple of hours. Poor baby. She's nibbling on saltines and sipping slowly this morning. And I'm praying she perks up soon.

Moving on.

My dad is out of the hospital. Big praise! He was there for 12 days but it seems like his infection is finally under control. I'm going to Arkansas next week to see him. While there I get to be chief nutritionist and physical therapist because he needs to gain a lot of weight and strength back.

I have my first official neighborhood book club today. A group of us decided at Bunco one night that we'd give it a go and I'm super excited about it. Good thing J will be home to stay with Abbey and good thing I finished the book last night. I'm usually not a last minute kind of girl, but I'm having a hard time reading lately. I go through spurts where I can't stop reading, and then times that I can barely stay focused on a chapter. Obviously, I'm in one of my slumps.

The cable guy came yesterday and got us hooked up. We haven't had cable in about 6 years. I can honestly say I haven't missed it one bit. Except maybe during football season!

My kids are thrilled because the $10/month package we got had Disney, Nickelodeon, AND Cartoon Network. That surprised us AND the guy who installed it. 

I'm going to let the newness wear off a little and then set some rules about tv viewing time. My kids have watched more television in the last 24 hours than they have in a month. 

Thanks to those of you that joined the 10 on the 10th fun yesterday. I always love reading your posts, but Emily@ThePilotsWife had me in stitches. I was reading thru them and thinking "I should have a prize for the best 10 on the 1oth post", but I decided against it because  1. I hate what competition stirs up in women (it's not usually pretty, ya'll) 2. I'd have to objectively pick a winner and I hate doing that 3. It causes me stress/pressure and I usually avoid those things. So...there's no contest. That was just a fleeting thought. 

I should get going. I have LOTS to do today. Since it's 55 and overcast (yet again) it's a good day for inside chores. 

Side note: I really don't think summer is EVER going to get here. When ya'll talk on your blogs about spending the day at the pool or the lake I cannot even relate. We've had TWO days since May 1 that we've climbed into the 80s, but we've had more 60 degree days than I can count. And 60 isn't really very warm. Especially when it's cloudy. But enough complaining. I'm sure I'll be wishing for sixties when I'm sweltering in Arkansas next week.

Happy Thursday! 


Teri H said...

So did you like the book? I'm always looking for good books to read...

Teri H said...

Oh, and yes... can summer get here please!!!!

Carpool Queen said...

I feel for you on the pukey thing, hon. That's just no fun at all. Hope A rallies for you this afternoon.

Emily's post had me laughing, too. Good call.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could fix it. Abbey, your dad, the weather. I have to remind myself that there is a Higher Power (God) and it's not me.

I have to keep reminding myself, too, that I'll be wishing for these cool days after the move, especially if we're moving back South. But it's hard to "get your summer on" around here.

Amber said...

Golly, I hope Abbey perks up soon. I cannot stand it when one of the kids is sick, but throw-up sick is just exhausting to me. Hate.It.

I'm going through a reading slump, too. Hoping I can get my mojo back, because I have a stack of books all ready for vaca, and zero drive to read any of them. Boo.

Michelle C said...

Sorry you have a sick kiddo. IT is never fun - but expecially when it is summer time! Praying no one else catches it. Good news about your dad! I know you are excited to go visit.

To answer your question about our relocation, we are waiting until the church votes and the job is officially ours to disclose the location.

Oh, also I wanted to send you a link for a women's conference in your area. A friend of mine is on the planning team -

Emily said...

Don't we always want what we don't have? I was just wishing for cooler weather before I read your post! :)

I'm glad I was able to amuse everyone! While I was writing it, I was thinking that it was so long, no one would finish it. ha!

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

You probably picked a good Arkansas week if you are looking for some heat. I heard on the news this morning that it is about to get up into the 90's! I'm glad that your dad is out of the hospital, and I'm sure you will make him feel much better just by being with him!

Holly said...

Otter Pops - Chris' first job as a teen... just another random fact.

Praying for health for the B family!

And praying for some good weather --please LORD!

Nina Diane said...

hope everyone is better soon. And glad to hear your dad is on the road to recovery. I'm sure he is going to enjoy you being home and helping him.

Stephanie Kay said...

We're having the same kind of weather in RI! At least it was warm and sunny for (my) Will's baseball birthday party. But this week we barely reached 65 and it was overcast/ drizzly/ raining/ yuck all week. Which means all the kids. In the house. With me. I.AM.ABOUT.TO.CRACK.

Jacquie said...

I brought my Dad lots of homemade milkshakes while he was in the hospital (he never even knew I was adding protein powder to them... the doctor loved that!!).

Sitesx6 said...

I'm so sorry about your pukers!

My kids are at camp for a whole week-yet I continue to clean up steals my joy. My cats puke more than any kid ever could. :)

I'm like you with reading....I read read read read, like a crazy woman, and then burn myself out for a month and don't even want to look at a book.

Enjoy cable-and getting inside jobs done. :)

Happy Friday!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

This post isn't brand new, so is Abbey feeling better today??

I read the same way; either can't stop or can't get going. I didn't click on the book's link yet though so I'm not sure what you're reading.

And I just bought my kids the Madeline movie ($5 at Target, couldn't resist) and they've watched it SEVERAL times. Newness wear off, indeed. :)

I'm gonna send you an email - I made my plans for my CO trip!!

Gretchen said...

Blessings on you impending trip. Hope Abbey's in the pink by now.
Lurve cable TV. My drug of choice lately? Army Wives.

We have had great weather. Lots of sun and 70s. Touched 80 once or twice. But now it's back to being Seattle. I think we're topped out at a balmy 60. :)