Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Not Much

Good morning.

I'm checking in to say that I haven't been feeling the love for blogging lately.

Just can't think of anything earth-shattering I want to say or share.

Yet here I sit. Compelled to say and share my "nothing".

I'm an enigma.

I'll just keep it short and sweet:

1. I was tucking Abbey in Sunday night, the last day of May, and she remembered that she needed a name for June and chose Popsicle, which she herself shortened to "Popsi". I love that girl and I love her creativity.

2. It's COLD here today. And stormy. Our high is supposed to be 51 but I just checked the temp and we're still in the 40s. It wasn't quite this cold yesterday, but it was rainy. I don't really mind a day or two like this every so often. I like to spend  them inside (reading, cleaning, watching movies with the kids) because when it's nice and sunny I want to be outdoors. (I have to get out and run some errands today though...and will definitely be wearing jeans and fleece!)

3. Speaking of reading, I'm enjoying The Well and the Mine by Gin Phillips right now. The writing is superb. I stumbled across two lines yesterday that struck me as brilliant. I'll share them soon...trying to make my brain formulate a blog post.

4. I was talking with a friend about the wonderfulness of GreekGods honey-flavored yogurt and she told me she thought I'd enjoy *this*. Oh my goodness. I'm not an ice cream lover (like the rest of my family) but this stuff is delicious! 

5. My dad is in the hospital in NWA right now. He's been battling a serious infection that has been repeatedly overlooked/misdiagnosed because the infection symptoms mimicked the side effects of his chemo. The long story is nightmarish...the short story is that he's finally being treated for the right thing and we're hoping/praying he recovers quickly.

That's some of what's going on in the Lifeat7000feet household. I'll check in again when the blogging urge strikes!


Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

I have been slacking on my blogging too...must be a summer thing.

Hope they get your dads situation under control quickly now that they know what the problem is. I'm sorry that he has had such a hard time.

Popsi...too cute!!! :)

Carpool Queen said...


Why must you keep finding stuff and sucking me into the whirling vortex of wanting to be like you?

Off to the grocery to buy ice cream.

Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

Hi dear friend,

Praying for your dad this morning and now praying some more after your update.

Much love,

Holly said...

Praying for you Dad, Mer. Really I have been praying for him daily, as God often brings him to mind.

Gretchen said...

I'm excited to hear more about your book.

Hang in there with the dad thing, Mer. Praying.

Popsi? Lurve.

Megan O. said...

You encourage me in my own blogging because I really do love your "random" updates--just getting to know who YOU are. I'll be answering your questions soon! :)

Lindsay said...

Mer... Love your posts even when they aren't profound. Just like keeping up with you and yours.

I have been and will continue to pray for you and your Dad. I recall you mentioning wanting to go and see him again but unaware if that ever transpired.

Brrr.... When does summer come to CO? Hoping to return there soon as in the next summer or so...

Deena said...

Praying for your Dad today. I'm glad they feel like they are finally treating the right thing.

Amber said...

1. Popsi? Precious.

2. Wear flip flops with your fleece.

3. Your book sounds interesting. Let us know.

4. Ice cream. Yum. Any flavor. Any time.

5. Praying for your dad. And for you. And for your peace of mind.

Christie said...

Stumbled across your blog today just linking from other blogs. It's nice to find someone who lives in my area and is going through the same weather/school year/bigger family (I have 5)/etc. that we are (I'm in South Co. Springs). Hope your dad gets through this treatment well and that this will be a turn around for him. I'll be checking back often!

*carrie* said...


Sorry to read this update on your dad. I'm praying!

Stephanie Kay said...

Hi! I've been a terrible bloggy friend but am trying to make the rounds today and catch up with everyone. Sorry to hear your dad has endured a misdiagnoses. Praying he heals quickly!!

Tracey said...


JenB said...

So sorry about your dad! Glad they finally figured it out!

Melissa Stover said...

i'm glad that they are doing the right thing for your dad now. i know that's awful to have to endure from afar.

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Yours is one of the blogs I can't wait to read, even when it's your "nothing." Just so ya know.

Abbey's so cute. I was taken by her the first time I met her and she made those adorable little placecards for us!

Praying for your dad, Mer. I know your heart is there with him.

Unknown said...

Sometimes my "nothing" stems from and overwhelming feeling of "everything"....I'm praying for your Dad.

Beth said...

I just prayed for your dad. I hope he is feeling better and on the road to recovery.

I'm gonna have to check out The Well and the Mine--I love a good book! I'm in the middle of The Shape of Mercy--one of Kellie's (lavidadulce) recommendations.