Monday, June 08, 2009

Lou, Lou, Link to my Lou...

Lame title, I know. I can't think of a creative or witty way to say "link" in the title, so work with me here, okay?

Wanna know the best $3.24 I've spent in the two weeks since school let out? Of course you do. I bought one at Target last week and it immediately put an end to "have I read for an hour yet, mom?" or "Mom, I'm sure I haven't been playing Wii for an hour." It also helps me challenge myself to get things accomplished quickly and helps limit my computer time.

If you don't find something like that helpful in limiting your computer time, perhaps you should check out this site which claims it will solve your internet addiction problem by basically locking you out of sites you frequent too often. Interesting. Ya'll let me know if it works.

We went to see UP this weekend and absolutely loved it. I knew to take tissue after reading some of your tweets, and I was so glad I did because the sweetness really got to me! It was an excellent film, and I especially loved this post that Cathy wrote about it.

I also keep meaning to tell you how much I am loving this lotion. John and I stayed at a Marriott the last night we were in Seattle and this was the complimentary lotion in our room. I think that was a brilliant marketing move on Marriott's part because I've talked to three other friends who went and bought this lotion after falling in love with their complimentary hotel bottle. It's very citrusy and light and it smells fantabulous! And it's also on sale at B&BW quite often.

Did I really just write an entire paragraph about lotion?

Yesterday afternoon John suggested we take a family bike ride. Except he wanted to run while the rest of us rode alongside him on the trail. Abbey still doesn't quite have the hang of her new big girl bike so he hooked this lovely contraption up to the back of mine. We did fine on the first leg of the trail (all downhill) but when we turned around to head back home, a rain storm was blowing in and we were facing 20+ mph headwinds. OH MY GOSH. Try pulling 50+ pounds, uphill, in a headwind. The birds couldn't even fight the wind; they were flying in place. Let's just say I got a brutal cardio/quad workout and I'm determined to get Abbey riding well on her own before we attempt that again. 

I'm sure most of you already get this magazine, but if you don't, can I just tell you how incredible it is? Really, it is FULL of fun ideas for families with kids of all ages. I've subscribed for years and years (it's pretty cheap!) and I looked thru it this morning while eating breakfast and found about 3 things I want to do with my kids this week. Check out that link above because there are TONS of great ideas online too.

I've gotten a little carried away with the links, but I have two dessert recipes I wanted to share. Here and here. Both are perfect for summer!

Ya'll have a great Monday! And don't forget that Wednesday is the 1oth...and you know what that means, don't ya? 


Carpool Queen said...

Is at already time for 10 on the 10th? Eek! I better get crackin'. I'll check out your links to fun stuff to do. I'm already over cartoons and the Wii, and we're only starting the first full week of summer vacation.


Joanne : The Simple Wife said...

I love to stay at the Marriott all because of that lovely lotion. I knew exactly what you were talking about as soon as I started that paragraph.

It's amazing enough to write multiple paragraphs if you ask me!

Are you coming up to Janna's next week. I'd love to see you before we leave and can't remember who's coming!

Much love,


Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

We used to use our timer a lot, but it made a constant, annoying sound, and it just drove the kids crazy.

I keep thinking that I will buy a digital one that is silent, but never quite get around to it.

They are worth their weight in gold though, helpful for so many things with the kids!

Tiffani said...

What linky goodness today!

I ADORE Family Fun!

I think I would've had to have gotten OFF the bike..I'm proud if you even pedaled for a millisecond! :)

Gina said...

I actually didn't like UP. I really didn't feel for the old man because I thought that his crabbiness was too drawn out and over the top. I kept waiting for him to change and it kept not coming. I did like the part where he turned past the "Things I'm Going To Do" page, though.
I think I'll be buying a timer for the summer, too. I've already been thinking that the kids will have to read an hour each day. Great minds think alike.

Gretchen said...

Oh, honey, how I lurve my timer. Mostly, so I'll get busy myself, but those reading and practicing ideas are good, too. Great for procrastinating. "Gretchen," I say, "just like Flylady says, you can do anything for 15 minutes." Even when my kitchen is its cruddiest, 30 minutes is all it takes to make it look nice again. Usually, though, and thankfully, 15is the norm.

Glad that you noted, reasonably so, that many good things come from the Seattle area.

I know you don't have it all together all the time, Mer (no one could), but I gotta rock as one groovy homemaker and mom. I get so many ideas and encouragement from you. I'm so glad we met.

Jennifer said...

The lotion sounds great! I've tried the other items in that line.....the stress relief soap! Heavenly for sure! Now something new to buy with my Mypoints gift cards! LOL

I enjoy Family Fun too! I've made several 'treats' for the kid's classes from that magazine alone.

I can't believe it's the 10th already! Where does time go?? I need to work on one since I missed last month. LOL

Anonymous said...

Why I think that's a really fun title, Meredith!

I need to renew my FF subscription. I forgot I wasn't getting it anymore until you just said something.

And now I've got to go sniff out that lotion.

Unknown said...

We use the timer a lot at our house too..I use it for myself for cleaning and Siesta time and all that homemaker goodness.

I had forgotten about FF mag. I used to get it but with all the moving across the country I cancelled. Now that I plan to stay awhile i'll have to re subscribe!
Can't wait for 10 on 10!

Jacquie said...

Still trying to catch up on my blog reading after vacation...

I was wondering how your Dad is doing??

Lauren said...

Hey... I work at Bath and Body Works and we are having a HUGE sale right now the whole month of June! You must check it out!!!!! :O)

Lauren said...

Hey... I work at Bath and Body Works and we are having a HUGE sale right now the whole month of June! You must check it out!!!!! :O)