Saturday, May 22, 2010


Guess what? Today is the first day of summer at the Lifeat7000Feet casa. We're all pretty excited about that because we L-O-V-E summer.

Yesterday was a little rough for a couple of us though. We said goodbye to our beloved neighborhood elementary school. Budget cuts in our district have forced our school to close. The students and staff are being relocated to another building next year, but honestly? It's not going to be the same. I went to the closing assembly yesterday and it was very sweet. I made it back to the van before the tears began to fall. It feels silly to be attached to a building, but I've spent a lot of time in that place over the last six years and it holds a tremendous amount of sentiment for me.

The last day of school is usually always emotional for me anyway. It marks (yet) another milestone for my kiddos. They've each grown a year older and more physically and emotionally mature, and they've each grown a little more independent of me. It's a lot for my mama-heart to take in and usually that emotion ends up spilling from my eyes. It's also hard to say good-bye to teachers we've grown to love over the course of the school year.

Our sweet little Abbey has had the same teacher for two years. Abbey has grown to LOVE her (as have we) and I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when she walked out the school doors yesterday with tears in her eyes. It was hard to say good-bye. Abbey's tears triggered mine and we both walked out to the van a little weepy.

John and I sorta expected the day to be sad. We usually plan something fun to do with the kids on the last day of school to celebrate their year, their grades (they all had SUPER report cards!), and the beginning of summer.


after much debate about where to go for dinner we finally agreed on FiveGuys.

And afterwards we went to see Shrek Forever After. In 3D. And can I just say that I think 3D movies are a rip off? Plus, those glasses hurt my head. 

We're big Shrek fans, so of course we all loved the movie. I thought it was very funny, and ending a day laughing with the people you love most is ALWAYS a good thing. Happy summer, everyone!


Stephanie said...

Yay Summer!! I am like you - I can't stand 3-D movies. I get so motion sick. They are no fun for me at all!

And can I just say your littlest is the spitting image of her Dad! Wow!

Have a GREAT Saturday!

Unknown said...

Those glasses may have hurt your head, but you and your peeps sure look cute in them!

Goodbyes of any kind are very hard for me. I'm not sure if it because we've moved around a lot, or if it's because I am just an emotional person, but even reading this post about sweet Abbey and you leaving the school made misty.

I have felt that way about the schools we have attended too. When my kids were in traditional public school we were really blessed with some amazing teachers and it was always hard for me at the end of the year too.

I love that you are so celebratory!

Lindsay said...

Happy summer to you as well, Mer.

The Bowden's said...

Aw, sounds and looks like fun. Enjoy your summer. We are still in school here until June 17th. Yuck! :(

O Mom said...

You guys are just so cute!
Yeah for summer!

Betsy said...

That was smart to plan something fun!! We love the Shrek movies too but I'm with you...not a fan of 3D!

I'm so jealous that it's already summer for you. I am so ready for school to be over! Enjoy your first week off together! :)

Gina said...

Something like 15 more school days here.

Carpool Queen said...

Welcome to your summer! We've got 12 days left.

Not that I'm counting.

Lauren said...

YAY!!! Happy summer!! Enjoy it :)

Amber said...

Heard Shrek was hysterically funny. Love that. But those glasses hurt my head, too...and my wallet. So I avoid 3D movies like the plague. I make up excuses about them being hazardous to our livers or some jibberish like that.

So happy that it is summer for you!!! LOVE SUMMER!!!

Charlotte said...

Happy Summer! Wish we could have celebrated at Five Guys with you. Love you all! Praying for you to heal quickly. Hugs!

Sami said...

I was SO excited when I saw that they are about to get a Five Guys here!!! Yet another thing to prove that this move was a know, because he likes for us to have good cheeseburgers and fries :) And I hate 3D too. Head.Ache.