Thursday, May 06, 2010


Just a quick list of things I woke up feeling thankful for...

- A husband who loves me. And a husband who challenges me too. In a good way. Lately he's shared with me several BIG things he's praying about. BIG things. And quite frankly, these BIG things scare me. But I agreed to pray about them too, because they're important to him and because they seem a little less scary if he's by my side.

- A kid named Reid. Reid is an answer to prayer for our son, Will.

- For the opportunity to go on a field trip today with Abbey's class. We're trekking up to Denver and it should be a fun day. I'm thankful that John works hard so that I can be available to my kids for things like this.

- For ibuprofen. Because my stupid leg is still messed up. I'm going to the doc next week, but really hoping the pain ends before then.

- For good friends.

- For my kids' amazing teachers.

- For 12 more days of school.

- For coffee. Which I need NOW. G'bye.


Stephanie said...

Good, good list. : )

O Mom said...

Waking up thankful, there's nothing better than that.

Carpool Queen said...

My coffee arrived this afternoon. I am thankful as well.

His Girl said...

can I just say that I totally LOVE how much you love your people.

makes me love you more.

even if I am a slacker in the commenting dept

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

AMEN! (Great list!)