Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A quick hello

I'm giving myself 10 minutes to blog before I get going this morning. It's going to be another busy day, but I'm seeing the light at the end of this crazy tunnel!

--I have an appointment to see the doctor today about my leg. According to my amateur internet research I have a torn ligament or possibly a groin pull. I'm really hoping it's something a lot more simple than that. I have an aversion to doctors and traditional medicine (which is another post for another day) but I'm going this morning because I'm in a great deal of pain and desperately want to be able to walk and hike when John and I are in California. I'll let you know what I find out.

--Our weather is wacko. It was snowing when I went to bed last night. It also rained, hailed, and thundered most of last evening. Our kids were out jumping on the trampoline (in coats, hats, socks, gloves) when it started hailing and they thought that was THE most fun thing ever. It was pea-sized hail, and they weren't in real danger (I guess) but they were hooting with laughter while I was freaking out. Good times.

The big snowstorm--the one that had forecasters using the words "feet" and "snow" in same sentence--missed us. A bunch of us were complaining about it yesterday at TANG (my mom's group at church) and my pastor reminded us that we had a lot of sunny days in January and February. How quickly I'd forgotten. He also made fun of me for wearing my parka AND a sweater. I don't even care. It was cold yesterday. And colder today with more snow possible. It's May, right? Not December?

--I'm not loving the back nine episodes of Glee so much. Are y'all?

My ten minutes has passed. That was fast! Must go. Peace out, peeps.


Stephanie said...

Hope you get a good report on your leg. I pulled something last fall (and it eventually went away), but it is such a pain when it aches to even walk. Hope it is nothing major!

You know, I have tried over and over to get into Glee. I watch most of the Fall, and when I came back to watch the first spring episode it just really turned me off. I gave it one other shot and decided I watch enough other stuff that I moved on. Oh well. : )

Anonymous said...

I hope you get some answers about the leg. i know you have been bummed about it for a while.

I am with you on the Glee thing. I just really haven't enjoyed it so much. In fact, I missed last night's show and I can't say I'm too sad.

Lauren said...

Praying for your leg and the pain Meredith and seriously, Colorado has some crazy weather!!!

Gretchen said...

Sorry about your leg, Mer. :(

Not quite as enthralled as I was with the "front nine", but honestly, it still does make me butt dance in my chair.

Loving Private Practice, though. It's been good this year.

Also, I think Army Wives and Friday Night Lights are my faves.

Brenda said...

You're right. We shouldn't complain. It's Spring after all, it HAS to get better right? (Please say yes!)

whimzie said...

So what did the doctor say?

Snow? Seriously? That's enough of that.

I'm more excited about some of the songs than I have been about the show so far. Well, except for Run, Joey, Run. Yikes.

Stephanie said...

So sorry about your leg. I hope you recover quickly and you're hiking those gorgeous trails soon. x

Kendra said...

I loved Run, Joey, Run! I'm okay with the back 9, but I want them to focus more on getting to regionals! They barely to glee stuff lately, just a whole lotta relationship drama.

His Girl said...

hope your leg gets SO well, you'll hike ALL THE WAY down to SoCal!

(well, even if that's SLIGHTLY unrealistic, I hope you at least feel like you can do that!)

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Hope you get good news about your leg. I didn't know you have an aversion to traditional medicine. Interesting! Do tell.

I am LOVING Glee! Although I didn't care for that one recent episode that was kinda of a downer. It was too serious and issue-y. And I hated Run, Joey, Run. But Jesse's Girl? Awesome!