Monday, May 03, 2010

more than you ever wanted to know about the past four days

I made my every-two-weeks grocery shopping trip. Went to four grocery stores (like always) because I buy my meat at one, my produce at another, certain things from the health food store, and the rest at Walmart. Came home and unloaded all of it IN THE SNOW.

Ran up to Abbey's school to take something she forgot, and to take some pictures for the yearbook. So glad I'm not in charge of yearbook this year!!! (Should really add more than three exclamation points to that sentence too.)

Picked everyone up at normal times! The last few weeks have been crazy and I've spent the better part of my afternoons in the car! I'm not complaining though. I love being a mom, and crazy carpool schedules come with the territory.

John came home from work early and we grilled brats for dinner. Yum!

Took an after-dinner nap, but still fell asleep while watching a movie with the kids. Woke up on the couch at 10:51pm and went to bed!


Slept in. Hallelujah!

Washed, dried, folded, and put seven loads of laundry away.

Cleaned house. It was in bad shape!

John went to Will's track meet (last one! and he did great!) so the girls and I didn't have to sit out in the cold. We weren't sure what time he was going to run, so I was thankful John was willing to go.

Spent way too much time trying to find the tissue paper I bought at Walmart the day before. I remember putting it on the kitchen table while I unloaded groceries, but I've searched high and low (including the garbage) and still can't find it. The girls and I made do with what we could scrounge up and wrapped a few goodies for their teachers because this week is Teacher Appreciation Week at school.

Realized that our internet was down. 

Watched How to Make An American Quilt on my computer while the girls played with their Polly Pockets AND water. The movie was my attempt at distracting myself from the mess they were making. In my clean house.

Realized our internet was still down. 

Took a nap.

Made dinner.

Realized our internet was STILL down. John called our ISP and they told him it was a billing issue that couldn't be resolved until 8AM MST Monday (today).

Had a mild panic attack.

Made dinner. Reuben sandwiches. Which reminds me--I haven't posted my new menu plan on my recipe blog. Oops.

Organized our dvds and cds in an effort to take my mind off of our now internet-free weekend. Bonus: found an unopened Sidewalk Prophets cd I didn't know we had and it is AWESOME! Normally I wouldn't have minded the lack of internet too much, but I had some work to do and some stuff to take care of that involved the use of the computer and wi-fi! 

Loaded a bunch of cds onto my computer while waiting for Will to come home from his first boy-girl party. I was hoping for a chatty 13-year-old but he wasn't in a talky mood when he got home. ;)

Watched the 10pm news (lack of internet was killing me by this point) and watched the beginning of SNL. Betty White is hosting next week! Hope I can stay awake for that one.


Slept until 8:15. Hallelujah! 

Went to the late worship at church. I don't think we've ever gone to late worship before. We usually go early because we like to have the rest of the day to do whatever. Gotta admit that it was nice to have a leisurely Sunday morning at home.

Came home and scarfed down some lunch.

Took Will and Sarah to a youth group party.

John, Abbey and I went to Starbucks. For the free wi-fi. John and I have committed to stay offline on Sundays, but I totally broke my "fast" because I had some important stuff in my inbox that I didn't get to open on Saturday. 

While we were in Starbucks it started SNOWING (again) and it was snowing hard. By the time we left it was starting to accumulate. We even heard thunder when we were getting in the car. WEIRD. As much as I was tempted to complain about the snow, I didn't. I couldn't. Because of all the flooding/tornados/rain in the south. Wow.

Picked up Will and Sarah and made a family trip to the library. Because we're the Sunday people.

Ran into a friend at the library that I kinda flaked on earlier in the school year. Apologized for my flakiness and cleared the air. The air really wasn't unclear between us, but you know how you sometimes just feel like it is?  Yeah. Got that cleared up.

Came home. Made dinner. Oh my gosh. If you like fish tacos, you must try these!!! SO good, and super easy! 

Cleaned up the kitchen. Have I ever told you that I'm a freak and canNOT go to bed with my kitchen a mess? I can't. I can count on one hand (okay, maybe two hands) how many times in the last 20 years that I've gone to bed with my kitchen not clean. Freak.

Made rice krispie treats. And only ate 1/3 of the pan. 

Worked on an editing project. 

Watched the news and went to bed.


Kissed my older kids and my husband goodbye and made sure John knew to call our ISP's billing office at 8AM MST.

Texted him to make sure he knew Colorado was MST. I figured if I texted him I couldn't see or "hear" him rolling his eyes at me.

Got child #3 to school.

Resumed editing project.

Got a call from husband confirming what we suspected all along: NOTHING was wrong with our billing. Grrrrrrrr. Grrrrrrr. Grrrrrrr. Re-set our modem and router. Nothing.

Found the cable that plugs into our wall outlet and unplugged it. Plugged it back into the same jack. Nothing. Plugged it into the SECOND jack in the wall outlet (it's one of those double jacks) and IT WORKED. We went all weekend without internet because the cable was plugged into the wrong jack. OH MY GOSH.

Just said "Thanks" because I needed internet today and didn't want to hang out at Starbucks again. My very social self is too easily distracted at Starbucks.

Yada yada yada. Would love to fill you in on the rest of my day, but if you've made it this far, I'm sure you'd like me to quit while I'm ahead. Which was half an hour ago.

I quizzed the kids at dinner tonight about the cable/jack and got lots of shrugs and eye rolling. One of them even blamed it on the dog. I think that's because they heard me use the word "jack". Oh well. I'm connected again so I'll overlook it.

Peace out, peeps.


2cats said...

That was some week. I think I would have a mild panic attack also if my internet were down. Not that I HAVE to use it but just knowing that I couldn't would send me round the bend. It is horrible that you are still having snow. Is it always like this?

whimzie said...

I'm laughing at the visual I have of Jack unplugging the modem and replugging it in the wrong place. Without opposable thumbs. You should see it in my head. It's pretty funny.

Thanks for the recipes. My family always benefits!

I wish I had your kitchen discipline. I don't have enough fingers or toes to count the times I've left my kitchen a mess and went to bed anyway. Apparently, by looking around my house right now, I can go to bed and leave many things in a mess.

I enjoyed catching up with you! Hope you have a great week!

Carpool Queen said...

And now I want Rice Krispie treats. They'll have to be chocolate ones since the boys lobbied for Cocoa Krispies last time we were at the store.

And I really need to do the twice a month shopping thing. Sadly, all this vegetable eating sends me in sooner than I want because it doesn't keep that long.

Kecia said...

My girls have been on a Polly kick this week--in the sink yesterday. :) Your comment about carpooling made me want to tell you to read Vicki Courtney's blog post "loving every minute of it." So I did.
btw, it's 90 degrees today. Again. But I'm not complaining.

Sami said...

Play by plays entertain me. Thanks :)
And I didn't know that it thundered when it snowed...

Kathy said...

Can I just tell you that you ARE my laundry hero? Seven loads?! Washed AND put away?! You. Amaze. Me.

It was fun to read your "catch up" on life...I do check in with you every day, you know. :)

Now I'd better go clean my kitchen. ahem. (Yep, you're my kitchen hero, too.)

Amber said...

I'm with Whimz. Picturing Jack "jacking" with the cable made me snort giggle a little bit.