Tuesday, March 15, 2011

39 things...

I hardly ever post twice in one day but today isn't just any day. Today is Joanne's 39th birthday! I got to visit with her last week and it did my heart a world of good. She has made AMAZING, ASTOUNDING, MIRACULOUS progress in the last several weeks but she can still use your prayers!!! Especially as she begins rehab and faces surgery next week.

In Joanne's honor, I'm posting 39 things that remind me of her!

1. Charm bracelets (You have no idea how high and how low I've searched for mine today! It's hiding from me!)
2. Jesus Calling
3. Anne of Green Gables
4. My Nike+ iPod thingy.
5. Meatball minestrone (my kids LOVE her recipe for this)
6. My spiral-bound Esther book (got that idea from Joanne!)
7. Trader Joe's
8. Moleskin notebooks
9. Zippies! (I have four that she made for me. LOVE them!)
10. Zucchini
11. Bic Crystal pens
12. This cross stitch piece. She has one VERY similar to mine.
13. Pirate's booty
14. You've Got Mail
15. Robert Benson books
16. This cute pie bird. I want one!
17. Typewriters
18. Anthropologie
19. Girl Scouts
20. Jewish feast days and holidays
21. Lists
22. NavPress (lots of mutual friends from there)
23. Going to bed early
24. Camping at Rocky Mountain National Park
25. Gingham
26. The Brady Bunch
27. Collector spoons
28. Vintage stuff
29. Joann's Fabric and Crafts (there's one RIGHT by her house)
30. iPads
31. The lake
32. Nichole Nordeman songs (she grew up with NN)
33. Thank you notes
34. Sabbath
35. Creme brulee french toast
36. IKEA
37. Arizona
38. bacon
39. Advent and Lent

It's amazing the things that I've come across in my day to day life these past two months that continually remind me of Joanne and remind me to pray for her.

Happy Birthday, Joanne. I know you're not super thrilled about celebrating your birthday in the hospital, but every single day you're one step closer to HOME! You can do this!!!


If you want to wish Joanne a happy birthday, you can leave a comment on this post! I guarantee you that if she doesn't read it herself, then someone will read it to her! :)


Deidre said...

I love this post! We had our last night of bible study last night and I looked down at my spiral bound book and thought of her. I remember when she suggested doing that, it confirmed her brilliance :)

I'm amazed at how she is doing. I love that you got to see her. Still praying for her (and you!).

Tree Frog Creations... said...

So glad you introduced me to Joanne via the blog world! I'm even more excited that you have had a chance to visit with her & that she is making progress! God is good!!!

Kecia said...

Wow, that makes me want to get to know Joanne! I've already prayed for her, after all. :)

Micah Jamie said...

Hi Meredith! It's so sweet when mundane things remind us of dear friends. I love the spiral Esther notebook. My Bible study is just getting ready to do that one, and I'm a little DIY challenged. Can you tell me how you did this? I think it would be fantastic...oh and if you say you just ordered them that way forgive me!
Jamie Heiserman

SZM said...

Meredith! This is so sweet! You have inspired me to do this for a couple of my closest friends. This is a great list! I have a feeling I would really love knowing Joanne!

Holly said...

This post?? Made me smile from ear to ear. YOU are a good friend, Meredith...and I could write 100 things about you, too.

Blessed to know you both and call you friends!

Jenn said...

Meredith I was catching up on Joanne's Blog today and saw the link to the post you wrote in her honor. Loved reading your 39 things! I am making Joanne's Chicken Tacos for dinner tonight. I loved seeing your Esther book spiral bound - I learned that from Joanne as well. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! I do read your blogs (recipe one too!) but don't leave a lot of comments - think about you often. Have a wonderful Thursday afternoon! :)