Thursday, March 17, 2011

Deep(ish) Thoughts

Sometimes I get introspective and thinky. Sometimes. 

When I'm having one of those days I ponder things like:

1. Does love win when Christians throw accusations and judgements at each other and call each other names such as heretics? Does it? I kinda think it makes Jesus sad.

2. How do we love well AND keep boundaries in our relationships. Our sermon Sunday was about the Good Samaritan who loved his neighbor was risky, it wasn't convenient, and it was costly. I get that. I really do. I want to be that kind of person. BUT I also see the need for boundaries in certain relationships. FYI, I do not believe boundaries and conditions are the same thing.

3. How does the Pioneer Woman not weigh 1000 lbs. SERIOUSLY?!? I made her creamy mashed potatoes this week and while they were out of this world delicious and got rave reviews from my family, I couldn't help but feel that the insane amount of butter and cream cheese were going STRAIGHT to my thighs. How does Ms Drummond stay so svelte?

4. Gray hair just stumps me. I wake up with more and more each day. I'm curious if existing hair turns gray overnight or if only the new growth comes in that particular shade. I suppose I could ask lord Google.

Peace out, peeps. Happy Thursday.


Hillcrest Cottage said...

Just a thought regarding #1:

Jesus had some pretty radical things to say about the religious people of his day... calling them broods of vipers and whitewashed tombs. He never called sinners any such things. He loved them and went to their weddings and parties... and the religious people criticized Him for doing so.

I would also encourage you to read Paul's response to Peter when Peter strayed from the truth.

There is a line that can be crossed... and Rob Bell has crossed it. Standing up for the purity of the gospel is a VERY serious thing. I am urging all Christians find out for themselves what the Bible truly teaches.

This is an exciting time for Biblically illiterate Believers to start reading more about what they profess to believe... and that's a GOOD thing!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Those are good thoughts...and I really don't know that I've ever made that distinction about who Jesus used his colorful language to describe (religious people as opposed to sinners). Very interesting...

Gretchen said...

I think #1 makes Jesus sad.Just like when my own children correct and criticize each other, it makes me sad (and annoyed and tired).

I have often mulled (envied) the idea of #3. I want to know her secret. And the Italian cook Giada. Seriously.

I just colored my hair and within 3 days I saw a little patch of gray popping through. Hello??? Three days? When you find out the answer, please share.


Leah Belle said...

i don't think love allows untruth to go unchecked. i have not read rob bell's book, so i can not comment on him specifically. but, if faced with anything that contradicts scripture, we must take a stand. and i also think it is possible to take a stand in a loving way.

i love 'whitewashed' comments. Jesus stood against false teaching....and He is the epitome of love.

i have thought the same about PDub...the reason her recipes are soooo good is b/c they are soooo decadent. i can't imagine that she eats like that day in and day out and looks the way she does! :)

jen medeiros said...

On your deepish thoughts:

#1 I believe there is only ONE judge...and I know it's not me or any other human being. We need to stick with our purpose here....and it is NOT to judge. I am not saying I am not guilty of this...just stating it is not our job!

#2 I am constantly working on fact I am reading cloud/ these authors. Very helpful for a people pleaser like myself. :)

#4 Thankful for my hair dresser....but after a few weeks....they sprout I am not ready to go all gray at almost 41. So let me know what you find out. Ha!


Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

#1 I agree that we don't cower from speaking the truth, but it makes me so mad when Christians get on a high horse and start spewing hate and judgement. Truth CAN be spoken with love.

#2 This one is hard. I struggle with this area in 2 personal relationships that I have.

#3 Um, yeah...

#4 My fake blonde hair is pretty forgiving! Ever consider going blonde?!

Hillcrest Cottage said...

I would just encourage people to read what the Bible says to find truth... truth is not found in our emotions or in what I "think" or what anyone else "thinks".

James 3:1 says: Let not many of you become teachers, my brethern, knowing that as such we shall incur a stricter judgment.

In other words, I should not elevate myself to the position of Biblical teacher or pastor if I am not willing to be "judged". This is not "judged" like eternal condemnation, for that is God's job alone. But, "judged" in the sense of God's Word being used as a grid through which all "truth" must pass.

Pastors are to be held to the HIGHEST standard because the purity of the Gospel is at stake. Woah... scary to be a pastor.

I have discovered in over 30 years of full-time Christian ministry that many young Believers do not accurately understand that we are to both judge and not judge. The context of the word "judge" and the original languages make a huge difference in our proper understanding of these concepts. Consulting a good Bible commentary is very helpful.

P.S. Who is this "lurker" coming forth to stir up this pot? Sorry... the Holy Spirit prompted me to declare God's truth from a Biblical perspective... and... yes... please judge me.

Sitesx6 said...

#3 I need answers to this! I've made almost everything in her cookboook, and I often wonder how to pull this off.

I get "thinky" too, and I TOTALLY need answers to #2....I have issues with being the only one giving in certain relationships and making effort (I'm talking about extended family, in laws) and how and when to back off and put my effort and time elsewhere.

SZM said...

Okay, I love the word, thinky!

And yes, I do think it makes Jesus sad. It is not how he behaved at all!!

Leah Belle said...

Hillcrest Cottage, i agree with you. we are NOT to judge as God is the only judge. and we ARE to judge as in DISCERN. we ARE to make judgement calls in which we compare teaching of men to teaching in scripture.

Angela said...

#4-- I HATE GRAY HAIR! That is all. : (

Ali said...

As for deep thought #2

I have such a tough time understanding how to balance healthy boundaries and yet the calling to love others as in the example you wrote from the Bible. I think I need to pull out my boundary book. I struggle in the area of people pleasing and that book is always GREAT! Just wanted to say that I too struggle to understand this balance.

I hear you on GRAY HAIR! Oh why oh why does it pop back up so quickly! I may one day have to stop fighting it! Of course in my 30's it seems too early! I saw the most beautiful gray hair lady in her early 50's with a stylish bob hair cut made gray hair look incredible! I sure hope my hair looks great when I I stop the coloring battle!

~ Ali

Stephanie Kay said...

RE: gray hair. I'm getting more each day, too! And mostly along my part. AND they are wiry and stick up. :(

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Oh my word...PW's mashed potatoes....I made them on St. Patty's mashed potatoes EVER! (and, I cut out some of the butter...I just can't handle that much butter & they were still A-MAZING!)

Micah Jamie said...

I love "thinky" posts that make me think!
1) I think there will be times when Christians have conflict. I also think if you are trying to resolve it in a manner that's fueld by unrighteous anger, jealousy, glorylust or power you probably have a good idea who is fueling your argument. 1 Corin 13:1
2)This is a toughy for me. I will say that over the years the more times I've allowed God to guide me in generosity He has been faithful to either establish boundaries or equip me with the kindness and wisdom to establish them myself (which is not always easy, and not my favorite thing to do :)).
3) Pilates @ 3am, Running @ 4am, Spinning @ 5am...just kidding. I'm pretty certain she doesn't eat like this everyday. Or she has really great metabolism...which I'm hoping is not the case b/c I like her and I want to continue to like her. Just kidding...sort of :)
4)The only reason I've EVER in my life been glad for my natural light mousy blond haircolor is that there is little or no distinct difference from gray...I could go gray and no one would ever know. Sad but true