Monday, March 28, 2011

Harpy Monday

Spring break was lovely. I already miss the unhurried mornings and the relaxing pace of last week.

But...we only have 35 days (Abbey) and 37 days (Will and Sarah) left in the school year. That is roughly eight more weeks until summer, and the best part is that half of those eight weeks are short ones! I think I can I think I can I think I can.

Will started track today. He came home from practice tired and ravenous. We always always always have leftovers but tonight we had NOTHING left. Not even a crumb. Note to self: fill him up with veggies and salad and bread or you won't see leftovers until track season is over.

I've been really irritable lately. I-R-R-I-T-A-B-L-E. There's a few people that I'd like to give a piece of my mind but instead I've been biting my tongue. Pretty sure it's still bleeding.

My girls have started talking with a Jersey/joisey accent lately. It's hysterical. I tried to record a voice clip of them tonight but they kept cracking up and turning it off. I wish you could hear them...

I can't believe March is almost over. I also can't believe we've barely had any snow in March since it's typically one of our snowiest months. This has been the driest winter we've experienced since moving here in 2003. I'm worried what that might mean for us this summer!

Here's a funny video that we took the other night at dinner. We went to our local mexican place and were quite surprised by the harpist who was there serenading guests. Have you ever seen a harpist at a mexican restaurant? It was definitely different. He played La Bamba (the clip below) and the Macarena at our table but his rendition of Jingle Bells threw me for a loop. No Feliz Navidad? Really?
This guy was really good! Sarah and her friend enjoyed stuffing money in the cut out section of his harp that was marked "Tips".

Buenas noches, peeps.


Gretchen said...

Your girls and my girls could get together and we could have a battle of the accents. They've been doing a hick/southern one that makes even my very southern husband crack up.

No leftovers? That's norm around here. We've started calling them savages because of their appetites.

Pilgrim Path said...

ZOMG! The video totally made my day! Thanks, Mer!