Monday, March 07, 2011

Mish Mash Monday

I had a mammogram this morning. It was my first. And honestly, it wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it was going to be. Still, I'm glad it's behind me for at least another year.

Our weekend was great! I even managed to squeeze in a Sunday afternoon nap for the first time in AGES. It was very nice.

Abbey and I went to a women's gymnastics meet at the Air Force Academy on Saturday night. Some friends of ours sponsor two cadets who just happen to be on the USAFA women's gymnastics team. We met one of their cadets at a Super Bowl party and thought it would be fun to watch one of their meets. It was AWESOME. I was completely mesmerized all night long and those girls have some serious skill! I took a couple of pics with my cell phone but they turned out terrible. Trust me though, I thought I was at the Olympics. That was their last meet of their regular season so they honored all the graduating seniors on the team. Not only are those girls exceptional athletes but they are STINKIN' SMART and are going on to serve our country in some impressive capacities after graduation in May. Very cool.

I took Will for a physical last week and as I was leaving the doctor's office, I pulled my sunglasses out of my purse to find them like this:
It wasn't as easy as popping the lens back in though so I bought a new pair today--my reward for surviving the mammogram. Actually, I can hardly stand to not wear sunglasses here. The Colorado sun is so intense! I even find myself squinting on soupy, cloudy days (like today) and if sunglasses help reduce crows feet by 1/1,000,000,000 of a percent, then I'm all for wearing them!!!

It IS definitely soupy and foggy and cloudy and cold here today. Snow is on the way and I've gotta admit that a snow day tomorrow would be really really nice. I've given up on trying to make sense of how our district makes snow day calls (it seems to vary from storm to storm and week to week) so I'm going to put my money on us having school in the morning. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and will let my kids go through their "we want a snow day" rituals tonight though...just in case.

Oh, one more thing. John and I LOVE Robert Duvall and we watched "Get Low" last night. It was SO good. Rent it or put it in your queue, especially if you're a Robert Duvall fan!


Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Glad you got a Sunday afternoon nap! Those are the BEST! I grew up taking a nap every Sunday, and still manage to take one more often than not! :)

SZM said...

Ha! That photo cracks me up!!

Charlotte said...

It made me smile to hear your voice on the video of Sarah.....sounds stalkerish, but just reminds me how much I miss you.

Gretchen said...

Girl. How can someone look that gorgeous in one-eyed glasses?? I'm with you on the need for them. I can't stand to not wear them, especially if they help with lines. :)
Thanks for the movie tip. I'm always looking for something good to add to my queue.

jen medeiros said...

Congrats to the winner and love that your daughter chose the name...very sweet.
Your glasses....too funny yet how do you still look so cute?
Yay that your mammo is done for a are right...not too bad.
Hoping for a snow day for you...wish we had one here. Thankfully it is our last week and then off for 2! Yippee!

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

Haha! That picture of you is so CUTE and FUNNY! You're awesome.

I can't wait to see you Friday. Can't. Wait.

Mary said...

I already sent an email to thank you, but now I see that I should thank Miss Sarah too!

As for mammograms...ugh. I go every year because I know I should but for some reason they really hurt. I'm glad yours wasn't that bad.

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

SOO jealous about that gym meet. Did you know I did that growing up? So fun. Wish we could afford for Mad to start. (Oh well)

Sunglasses - hilarious. My kids break mine all the time so they have to be cheap. And Andy loses his, so they also have to be cheap.

So fun having my mom here! She said she had SUCH a fun time with you. :)

Elizabeth said...

So fun to hear your voice! I don't think I ever have.

Going to the Olympics is a dream of mine-what fun to see the women gymnasts!

I have CO Springs on my weather app (cause you know I love that place) and it looks like your weather has been yucky all week. No snow here, but gray and cloudy. It's about time for spring!

O Mom said...

Sarah is so cute,just like you! :)

I have been quite lately, just stuff, but I miss being apart of this....weird but true. :) thanks.