Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Break and Birthdays!

Our spring break officially began last Friday afternoon but I've been going ninety-to-nothing since last week and am FINALLY feeling like I can breathe again. In fact, the only thing on my schedule for today is laundry (always), rest, and a Lenten service at church tonight. That's it. I am soooooo ready for a day like this! So ready to feel like it's spring break.

To say the last week or so has been very full might be the understatement of the year.

But, it's been full of good things-- like time with friends and family and BIRTHDAYS!

Yesterday, two of my peeps celebrated a birthday. Aren't they cute?
We didn't plan for them to have the same just sorta worked out that way...and it's pretty special but I also feel bad for John because the attention REALLY gets shifted away from him. He says he doesn't mind, and he probably doesn't, but I decided last night (after a BIG day of celebrating Abbey) that next year we may celebrate them on different days!

One of Abbey's birthday gifts from us was getting her ears pierced. Sarah got hers pierced for her ninth birthday and even though Abbey has been begging us to get hers pierced for years, we made her wait. My kids think things need to be fair and square around here and Sarah was intent on making sure Abbey didn't get any advance privileges. Grin. The funny thing is that we took her the night before her birthday so she actually did get that gift a tiny bit early! :)
She's happy!
 She picked these cute, sparkly flower earrings and she was VERY brave!
 Here she is showing dad her new ear gear. I love this pic for two reasons--she's got her lollipop sticking out of her mouth and I can tell from her profile that she's smiling.
I hate I didn't get a pic of the fist pump they exchanged before this last pic. It was priceless.

Two more cute pics.
 Abbey made the cutest card for John. The outside said: To Dad, Love, Abbinator (love that!)

Yesterday afternoon was Abbey's "Spa" Party. It was awesome and we had a great time! I think that's going to have to be a separate post though so stay tuned for some cuteness!


Sarah said...

Cute! I have a couple of daughters who are still little, and we've talked about waiting a while to get their ears pierced. Nine sounds good!

Unknown said...

We are on spring break too and have been way too busy to porperely enjoy it (read: do nothing all day for a couple of days!)! But there were equally fun things that we couldn't have planned, so it's worth it!

Your birthday peeps are a cute pair. My birthday is the day after my moms and always felt that was special.

Hope the rest of your break is the perfect combination of restful and fun

Amber said...

Happy Birthday to John and Abbey!!

Looks like a great birthday! I can remember when I finally was given the green light to get my ears peirced! BIG STUFF!!

Enjoy the rest of your spring break!

Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

How fun!! I love that you made your girls wait to get their ears pierced. I had to be 9 before I could get mine pierced and I'm think Ellie will be 10. It just makes the whole experience special. AND I have not desire to have to keep up with a bunch of tiny little earrings. Much better to do it when my girlie can keep up with her own things. :)

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

She is a DOLL!

Love the cute new earrings!

PS: In case you haven't checked your facebook yet, I just opened my package from you, and am sipping some delish lemon water as I type! Thank you!!!! Made me smile first thing this morning! :)

jen medeiros said...

Hi looks like you are all having a great spring break! Cute sparkly flower earrings and a fun milestone for your girl!

Kendra said...

Abby is the cutest little thing! Her personality just shines through in her photos. Can't believe that baby is 9! I remember when she was born!