Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tell About It Tuesday: Pucker Up!

I love lemons. I love their smell, their flavor, their color, and their texture.

I discovered True Lemon crystallized lemon granules last fall and have been buying these amazing little packets ever since. 

I sprinkle a packet in my sweet tea because, honestly, sweet tea is often way too sweet for my taste and the lemon balances out the sugary flavor.

I use it in recipes that call for small amounts of lemon juice. 

I sprinkle it in my water to kick up the flavor notch and make drinking water more fun. (I have a hard time drinking water...I prefer so many other fluids over plain, boring water).

It tastes JUST like a fresh lemon because it's 100% natural...not artificial at all! Plus, it lasts longer than fresh lemon and it doesn't ever go bad.

Y'all, I really really really love this stuff! There's also True Lime (which is equally wonderful) and True Orange (which I've not yet tried).

Here's the skinny: It's around $3.50 for a box of 32 packets. I've yet to buy a box without finding a coupon inside. I buy True Lemon at King Soopers (Kroger) on the baking aisle by the sweeteners. The True Lemon website is great--you can find recipes, check availability in your areasign up for coupons, or buy any of their products online. 

Hope your Tuesday is bright and lemon-limey! 


Beth said...

I'm definitely going to have to try this; I am always looking for ways to make my water more yummy! I recently bought a few lemons and limes, but of course, when not used quickly.... bye bye freshness!

Ashley said...

I love True Lemon! I always keep a few packets in my desk at work!

dawn said...

I remember you telling me about these before...but I forgot. I like lime. So, I'm going to look for those...

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Oh, I'm gonna get some of this!

I love lemon in my water! At home, or in a restaurant, I always have to have a little bit of fresh lemon, or a squirt of bottled lemon in my glass. This will be great because I can keep some in my purse! :)

Thanks for the tip!

Angie @ Flibbertigibberish said...

So, hey - do you like this lemon stuff? It wasn't clear in your post.

I'm going by King Soopers today for some teething tablets someone told me about and will check out your lemon stuff. I hope I don't get the two mixed up! ;)

The lemon juice in those lemon shaped squeeze bottles is not good. I'm eager to try this out. Thanks for the tipperoo!

jen medeiros said...

Yum....lemons and oranges are the best. Thanks for always showing and rating super duper products. Liked your other post, too with the signs from your husband. Hope your busy week is going well.

*carrie* said...


I confess I don't have much of an opinion about limes and lemons. I like them OK, but don't have a strong preference for/against them. Eric's actually allergic to citrus, and I rarely buy them for any reason.

I recall seeing free samples of this product listed on MSM multiple times. You might see what you can find on-line.

Jennifer said...

Perfect timing! Just today, I decided to give up (or try to) diet sodas and instead try sparkling water with lemon or lime. I'll have to try this!

The Bowden's said...

Oh...........we LOVE this stuff too! I discovered it last summer when I was looking for something to help me get over my addiction to Diet Coke and all things carbonated during the hot months. I use it in water and tea all the time.

Micah Jamie said...

I got some the last time you recommended it, and I LOVE it. I love the True Lime to sprinkle on things like fajitas and tacos when I don't have any fresh on hand. The fresh orange is fantastic too!

Thanks for the tips and keep them coming...the disposable gloves have totally rocked my world!

Gretchen said...

I haven't seen this yet! I love a little tartness! I think it would be great for a cold glass of water!
Just in time for summer. Thanks!

Sandy said...

Oooh, I SO want to try this! Thanks for letting us in on the secret (now here's hoping they carry it in NC...)