Friday, February 10, 2012

A Fabulous Friday

I was driving my older two kids to school this morning and the temperature on the bank sign read 10 degrees. Sarah saw it and blurted out, "It's 10 on the 10th!" And believe me, I felt every bit of that 10 degrees on my walk this morning. It was c-c-cold!

I haven't done a 10 on the 10th post in a really long time so I thought I'd share my list of reasons why today is shaping up to be a terrific day. I tried hard to think of ten...but I only made it to six! I think that's why I stopped doing 10 on the 10th. I grew tired of thinking too hard. :)

1. It's FRIDAY! Whew. I need a weekend.

2. It's Will's birthday! He is 15 years old! I am so thankful that God chose me to be his mom. He is such a great kid and we're really proud of who he is and who he is becoming. We pulled out the scrapbook of his first year of life and looked at it for awhile this morning. Seems just like yesterday I was reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear and trying like mad to get that boy to sleep through the night. We have some fun things planned this weekend to celebrate Will, because you know, one day just isn't enough when it comes to birthdays!

3. John took today off! I was so happy when he told me he'd be home with me today.

4. We're going to buy a dishwasher later. Okay, spending money on appliances isn't really fun at all, but our current one is dying a slow, painful death. I'm excited to choose one out that's a little larger and hopefully a lot more quiet!

5. Lunch date! After the dishwasher purchase is complete, John and I are going to lunch together. He told me I could choose the place. Hmmmmm...

6. Did I mention it's Friday? And the beginning of Will's birthday weekend? It's shaping up to be a fabulous day! Hope yours is on track to being great too!


Kecia said...

I hope you're having a great Saturday, too! It's not 10 degrees here, but it's amazing how cold 40 can feel after 80 last week.
And you know I believe in stretching birthdays out for a week or so! Happy Birthday to Will!

Miss G said...

Yea for birthdays! Hope y'all had a great time celebrating.

Can't believe it was that cold last Friday! I had no idea!

Yea for husbands being home! Yea!

Hope you found a great dishwasher.

Where did you pick for lunch? Kelly