Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Popping In

Popping in for just a minute or two to say hello. I'd love to keep the blogging rhythm that I had going last week, but man, some weeks it's hard to find extra time. It's been a good week so far. Busy, but good.

Ever have one of those days where you just ROCK the to-do list? I had one on Monday. I ran errands, cleaned, got some appointments/meetings scheduled, organized some of my February projects, and felt like I got most of my "mental sticky notes" transferred from my head to paper! Such a great feeling--I wish every day felt that productive!

Tonight I'm taking Sarah to register for HIGH SCHOOL! My oldest two are only one grade apart in school so it really does seem like yesterday that I was doing this with Will. Here's the kicker--they're going to different high schools. Our town has two. Will goes to the one we're zoned for but none of Sarah's really close friends are going there. After a year of thinking and talking and praying about this, we made the decision to keep her with her core group of friends and choice her into the high school we're not zoned for. [Side note: this is the decision I was referring to last week that is the best one for Sarah and is also the decision that makes my crazy life even crazier!] She's very excited about it, and I know with absolute certainty it was the right thing to do. That being said, I still break out in a cold sweat when I begin to think about all the details and scheduling this will involve.

Two kids in high school makes me feel old. So does the fact that our oldest turns FIFTEEN this week. That is so hard for me to wrap my mind around. Where does the time go???

More later, peeps. Hope you're having a happy hump day! :)


SZM said...

It is crazy having kids in 2 high schools, but we do it too. You gotta do what is best for each kid. It all works out.

Stephanie Kay said...

Wow! 15! High school?! That's just crazy. Time's flying by! I told Joel the other day that the 6 years we had without kids sure seems longer than the 8+ years that we've had WITH kids.

Anonymous said...

I have an almost 15 yr. old and an almost 13 yr. old and we are discussing the two different high schools option. I look forward to reading your blog posts about how this works out for you.