Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Just some schtuff

I am fighting like mad to avoid getting a cold. Yuck. Been chugging Emergenc-C since I felt the symptoms coming on. Hopefully the Emergenc-C plus the good night's sleep I got last night (despite the howling wind) will give my immune system the jump start it needs. I do NOT have time to be sick.

Did I mention the wind? Oh my gosh, it's been horrible lately. It interferes with my outdoor exercise, not to mention my sleep. I'm not a fan of the wind, but I feel bad for complaining because some of you have much worse weather to deal with. I'm talking about all of my southern friends who have to worry about tornados. Tornados in February. 

So, my new bible study starts today. We're doing He Speaks To Me by Priscilla Shirer. I've never done one of her studies but I've heard she's great. I'm excited to get started!

Abbey finished Phase I of her orthodontic treatment and got her braces and her expander taken off yesterday. To celebrate, our orthodontist presented her with a big 'ol bag of sticky, chewy candy. I'm pretty sure she powered through most of it before bedtime, smiling every single time she unwrapped a piece of gum. That poor, deprived child.

Will started track this week. He loves it. He wants to try triple-jump this year in addition to some shorter relay events. I'm very pleased that he wanted to run track again this year, but feel like I'll need to remind myself of that when I'm freezing my tail off at his meets this spring. :)

Sarah had her last speech tournament on Saturday. She had a GREAT season and placed in the top three at every meet! Go Sarah! I can't believe my girl will be in high school next year. I think she's more than ready for it but not so sure I am.

Wednesdays are my busiest days and today is no exception so I should sign off and get movin'. Our Lenten soup suppers at church begin tonight so cooking dinner is one thing I get to cross off of my to-do list. I am super duper thankful for that! Happy hump day everyone.


Stacy said...

Hi Meredith, I have done some of her studies and she is so good, I love a good bible study with the ladies, ha! In fact I am going to hear a speaker at our church on Friday night "Jana Ewing" and her study is inspired from PS "The Resolution for Women". Her speech will be "This is Who I Am". I can't wait, I know I will leave feeling very blessed!! Stacy

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