Thursday, February 16, 2012

There is not enough concealer in the world... mask the dark, tired circles under my eyes. Seriously. It's been a week. It's been a week that has kicked my bee-hind. The good news is that today is my Friday and that my kiddos have tomorrow AND Monday (and Tuesday for the elementary girl) off from school. Hello, four-day weekend! 

I always forget that February is a busy month for me. I expect December and May to be crazy but for some reason February always catches me by surprise. Thankfully I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

Alright. Here's my brain dump.

1. I'm a computer snob. John's brother converted us to Apple computers almost ten years ago and we haven't owned a PC since. I recently acquired one to use for work stuff because for some reason, many of my work apps are Windows based and not compatible with Apple's web browser (I know, that's so weird since it IS 2012 but that's the reality). I do NOT like PCs. The biggest learning curve has not been how to use the applications but how to use Windows and the stinkin' keyboard. I feel like I'm pretty techy until I open that laptop.

2. I had my yearly doctor visit today. Not my favorite thing in the world by any means but I do really like my doctor and she makes it as pleasant as possible. I laughed this morning when getting dressed because I realized my toenails were quite colorful. Abbey gave me a pedicure last weekend and I'm pretty sure I had the brightest toes in stirrups today. Here's the picture Abbey took of her artistry.

3. Does gray hair sprout overnight for you guys or is it just me?

4. The busier I am, the more I seem to get done. That seems so counter-intuitive but it really holds true for me. Go figure.

5. I'm really tired of homework. Hoping to goodness my kids get a homework free weekend. They did NOT in fact get the weekend off from homework. All THREE of them came home with assignments which they're working on at the moment. I've heard "this is so unfair" multiple times from multiple children. Yep. Meanest mom ever!

6. My aunt is coming this weekend! She has business in Denver so is coming to stay with us while she's here. I'm excited and so are my kids!

7. I had planned to be at the elementary school helping Abbey's teacher this afternoon. She emailed me earlier and gave me the afternoon off. WHAT A GIFT! I've been at school a LOT this week and even though I didn't mind going again today, her email gave me some time at home that I haven't had all week! Yay! It opened up a nice little window of time that I wasn't expecting. Hooray for GREAT and thoughtful teachers!

Alrighty. I need to get some laundry going and finish up some work stuff before my carpool rounds (to three schools!) begin. Such is my life. Peace out, peeps.


O Mom said...

When you were talking about your toes and you said here's the picture she took...I thought for the briefest second that you meant the Doctor took the picture! hahahha!!!!
happy 4 day weekend! We have one too and Im soooooooo excited! :)

HappyTrails said...

You Moms are true endurance athletes-whew! Keep up the hard work and long hours with the kiddos-it will pay off! :-) The toenails are great! I forget about mine over the winter because I never see them -always covered by socks. I think in another month or so, a self-indulgent pedicure will be calling my name! And YES! The gray hairs, face lines, and eye circles seem to sprout over night. Boo-hoo!
Oh well. Despite, life is all good! :-)

Sandy M. said...

Beautiful toesies~!! I hope you're feeling better...
My under-eye dark circles have dark circles, & because of the surgery on my right eye, I haven't worn eye makeup since Wed. I typically do NOT leave the house without eye makeup! But not allowed to wear it to the hospital, then thought it would look pretty weird to wear it on one eye only. Hopefully can wear it tomorrow to church...

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