Monday, February 13, 2012

I'm learning...

I did something out of the ordinary today: I blew off my to-do list and all the things I really needed to accomplish. I have a dozen things I need to finish before Valentines Day parties tomorrow. My house is a wreck from a weekend of neglect. I have work stuff that I need to get done in the midst of a week full of appointments and commitments and getting ready for some weekend company. It's safe to say that I tend to let my to-do list rule my life most of the time.

Last night John and I were driving to a meeting and I told him that I really wished I could hike today but I had soooooo much to do. He knows me well and began to challenge me about why all those things had to get done today. I gave him a dozen reasons why I thought they did, but he kept challenging me and by the time we got to our meeting, I was warming to the idea of blowing off my Monday list. My friend, Lisa, was also at the meeting and I tentatively asked her what her Monday was looking like. She rattled off a couple of things and said, "Why? Do you want to hike the Incline?" To which I replied YES! Turns out she blew her list off today too and we got to enjoy our favorite hike and a beautiful morning outside together. Conversation is so easy between us and Lisa is one of THE most encouraging people I know. I always feel happy and blessed after I've spent time with her! Today was no exception.

The reality is that my house is still a wreck. My list is still looming. I have work deadlines that still need my attention despite a very full day tomorrow BUT honestly, it's a good thing to let myself be less structured every once in awhile. To not be ruled by a schedule or measure myself by my productivity but to let the things that bring life to my heart play the trump card every once in awhile. I'm learning that I need that more often than I allow it. Today, it felt good. Really, really good. And I'm one hundred percent sure all of those "things" will still get done. I may be up until midnight but they'll get done with a full and cheerful heart!


Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

Way to BLOW off your list!!!

Miss G said...

I really get this as I fall asleep at night thinking about my to do list for the next day but I do think it is important not to hold our lists too tightly and not to let them dictate our lives. Who knows what directions God would like to lead us in in any given day. This is a good reminder/encouragement for me. Hope you've had a happy Tuesday/Valentine's Day and that your Wednesday is great. Kelly