Friday, February 24, 2012

stream of consciousness...

i'm so glad it's friday.

even though this particular friday is ushering in one of the busiest weekends i've had in a long time.

i'm not a huge fan of busy.

but today is still relatively calm. thank goodness.

i have a hair appointment later.

a hair appointment that got bumped from morning to afternoon because of some crazy client who had to be accommodated. (there's more to that story that i'm choosing not to share here.)(it made me kinda mad though.)

i'm not mad anymore because it freed up my morning for a hike.

a hike in the snow.

we had a snow day yesterday. a very unexpected one at that. it was a nice day off and it shortened our already short school week even more. i am not complaining.

i am reading through this book for lent, and am enjoying it very much (all three days so far). i was conflicted about what i wanted to do for lent this year (to give something up? to incorporate something more?) after praying about it, god led me to something. something hard, but something good. and something tailor-fit for me. maybe i'll share more about that later. maybe.

lately i seem to have this strange hesitation about sharing personal things. it's surprising because typically i tend to over share. i guess i've realized that some stuff is meant to be held close. it's for me and me alone. it doesn't necessarily mean that i'm not transparent (i believe i am) but more along the lines of this is not for everyone. i also think i've learned the hard way that not everyone is trustworthy with my "stuff". i don't know if all of this makes as much sense written here as it does in my head. :)

well, my stream of consciousness was just interrupted by a text from my darling daughter who forgot some stuff she really needs for school this AM so i must sign off and figure out how to get to the middle school before second period begins. the things one does for love. 

I hope everyone has a fabulous friday! it's friday! hooray!


Beth said...

It seems like you all have had so many snow days! We haven't had a single one, but with March the highest snowfall month, I guess we could still get one. It sure would be nice :)

happy Friday!


SandyM said...

What you've said makes a lot of sense.. It seems there's a fine line between "transparent" & TMI (that some choose to use in a harmful way.)
After our snow dusting Sun. night, it's in the 70's today... which I love!
It's amazing what we do for love, isn't it?
Have a great weekend!

SZM said...

That book looks good! Anything with GK Chesterton and I am in! I hear you on the sharing personal stuff...I waffle on quitting my blogging for the same reason.

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