Monday, April 20, 2009

Glatitude Monday

Once again, I'm copying the idea for this post from Gretchen.

Some things I'm glad about on this Monday.
1. The sun is shining and the snow is MELTING! We're supposed to be near 70 all week! That makes me more happy than you can know!

2. Glad to have reconnected with some more of my college friends via Facebook. I've had so much fun catching up with all those girls from Perrin 3...the floor we lived on in the freshman dorm!

3. Super glad to have also been found on Facebook by my long lost friend, Meredith. She and her husband lived next door to us in seminary housing. We shared the same first name and the same anniversary date (we both moved in just a couple of weeks after getting married!). We had lots of fun with those guys but lost touch about 10 years ago.

4. Glad for Trader Joe's vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. I may or may not have licked my plate clean last night. SO delicious. (I need a TJ's supplier. Anyone???)

5. Glad for a good night's sleep. I've slept so hard for the last few nights! 

6. Glad for 23 more days of school! FIVE weeks left, and two of those are four-day weeks--woohoo!

I'm sure I can think of more, but it's early and I've only had one cup of coffee so I'll stop for now. Got a SUPER busy week so I've gotta run! Happy Monday.


Lori Motl said...

I lived on Perrin 3, too! Very last room...the one that had it's own bathroom. Good times!

Lori Motl said...

btw, I just read they are going to turn Flippen-Perrin into men's dorms! How sad. Right now they are for sophomores and above. Frances-Crawford is for freshmen.

Carpool Queen said...

I haven't had the TJ's vanilla cake. Sounds like something to add to the next grocery run.

And I'm glad for you about the snow melting and school almost being out. We'll have end of grades in early May, but school's not out until early June. At least the last few weeks will have a lot less homework.

Lauren said...

It's the simple things, I tell you :O)

Anonymous said...

I, too, am adding vanilla cake to my next TJ's run list.

Oh, spring!! I hope it's really there to stay! I could use some temps above the 50s myself!

I need to check, but I think I may have lived on Perrin 3. Or was it 2? I'm going to have to research that.

Are you doing anything differently that's caused you to sleep better the last few nights? Sleepy friends would like to know!

Kelly @ Love Well said...

I'd be your TJ's supplier, but I think the better plan is to start a petition to have TJ's come to Colorado.

I mean, seriously. Boulder seems like TJ Heaven. (And I know that would be a drive for you, but it's closer than the alternative.)

Having a TJ's in Colorado also removes one more obstacle for me. ;-)

Gretchen said...

I'm glad you're glad!

I might be able to swing a care package of dog treats and cake mix. Just sayin'.

Glad that snow is melting! And for your sleep. Sounds like you've needed it with your busy week last week. This week sounds like more of the same...The end of the school year is like that, I guess. But there is an end. Sadly, they do promote kids, and now yours will be one grade older. But we're concentrating on "glad" here. :)

Elizabeth said...

I wish I could help you with your T.J's dilemma, because I found me a supplier! He only goes every couple of months and he lives an hour away, but he's my best friend's husband so I don't mind driving to pick it up! I'll send you something anytime.

Tell me all about your good night's sleep. I am still struggling, and last night was the worst. Ugh! What's your trick?

We have five weeks left too, and cannot wait for summer. This winter has seemed long, huh?

Christi @ Writing the Waves said...

Near 70?

Time to break out the flip flops! :)

Cathy said...

I would GLADLY be your TJ's supplier. Just hop on a plane and come visit and I would be more than willing to hook you up:)

70 IS heavenly...we're supposed to reach 84 today! I'm lovin' it.

Sitesx6 said...

Glad that Colorado is melting and thawing!

You folks deserve some sunny, warm days! Geesh!

Now to show you how opposites attract, after bragging to you last week that Michigan had 75 degrees and sun, we are now expecting snow on Wed. NICE!

If you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes and it will change. :) That is our saying here in Michigan.

Happy Monday to you!

Jennifer said...

I need a Trader Joe's around here. You make it sound so great!

We have a Whole Food's and it's huge! Pretty good but a tad on the high end. LOL

Great snow pics the other day!

Stephanie said...

Your school gets out early! How fun. :) Great gladitude list. :)

Megan L Hutchings said...

All of those snow pictures make me think of "White Christmas" and the wonderful song "SNOW!"

I am so happy you will get some better weather this week :)!

Moriah @ Please Pass the Salt said...

We've got a super busy week, too. Glad to hear about the 70s - I haven't checked our weather yet but I think it's supposed to be fairly clear. Yay. I've had enough rain!

Fran said...

You know how I feel about that snow so thats all I'm gonna say about that. :)

Amber said...

Hooray for warmer weather!!!

And Hooray for it being almost summer!!!!!

Tiffani said...

Loved your "glads"...

I can't WAIT to go to Trader Joes in Atlanta...don't know when..but I'm hoping soon!

Hope you get a lot accomplished this week!!

Unknown said...

You sound giddy in this post...its amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for a girl!

I am going to have to try the TJ's cake. I don't like cake mixes, but knowing you (and Trader joes's) these are cake mixes without all the stuff! I'm going to go check it out.

Jackie said...

TJ's needs to hurry it up and open up a store in CO! I've never tried that cake, but it sounds so divine right about now. If you are ever craving something, let me know, I'll be your supplier! :)

Michele said...

Sunshine can do wonder for the soul, can't it? I love your enthusiasm about school getting out . . with the countdown and all. I know lots of moms who dread their children being out of the school for the summer. I'm glad to know you're not one of them. I loved reading everything you're thankful for.