Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bad, Glad, Mad, Rad, and Sad

Alternate title: Rhyming Catch Up

The Bad:
I pulled a muscle in my leg and it hurts! I've been hobbling around since last week. Probably shouldn't have hit the trail on Sunday because I was already hurting, but I was desperate to get outside after two snowy days.

I am BUSY. I finished four big projects last weekend that were hanging over my head, but I have that many more that I'm juggling now. I've deliberately been non-busy this entire year, but the end of the school year is just NUTS!

I heard the "s" word is in the forecast for the end of the week. Snow is a very, very bad word at the end of April.

The Glad:
My husband is home this week! He's had to travel a lot lately, but it looks like we're back to normal schedules again. I am so happy.

Dinner is in the crockpot! If you like Chipotle, you really should try this recipe. SOOOO good, and SOOOO easy.

We have 18 more days of school!!!

My grass is green! The snow is good moisture.

Glee is on tonight!

The Mad:
Rude children (especially those that don't belong to me) make me mad. Had an encounter with an unbelievably rude child this week.

I get a little mad when my kids ask me a question that puts me on the spot. That also happened this week. I may or may not have thrown a little fit and lectured all of my children about the future consequences of that.

The Rad:
This simple strawberry dessert is AMAZING! (I found this blog a couple of weeks ago via a link on another blog and she has some fabulous recipes!)

Went to Bingo for Books at Abbey's school last night and had SO much fun! Abbey even won a very fun prize.

My sister is pregnant and she finds out tomorrow if she's having a boy or girl. (Mom, she said she'd text Sarah to let her know!)

Have you heard the song "Crushed and Created" by Caitlyn Smith? I discovered it last weekend and it is amazing! Go listen on iTunes.

This is cool: Last week John was in Orlando. The only person I know who lives in Orlando is my cousin, Dave. John was meeting an author for dinner and as he was walking in the restaurant he heard someone calling his name. It was my cousin. (Hey Dave!) I think they were both shocked to run into each other. UNBELIEVABLE!!! What are the odds? He also ran into a college friend, and he texted me when he boarded his flight home that the pilot of his plane was a friend of ours who lives down the road. Who has those kind of coincidences???

The Sad:
I broke my favorite sunglasses. My sister gave them to me last summer (she found them on the beach) and they were just perfect for me. I tried fixing them with nail polish out of desperation and a lack of super glue, and my quick fix lasted all of 20 minutes. BOO HOO!

Our beloved elementary school is closing. The students/teachers are being relocated to another school building in our district but as the end of the year draws near, I'm getting sad. I'm on one of our school's transition committees and I got a little teary at our meeting yesterday just thinking about all the changes. I'm sure going to miss that place, but at least I get to see some familiar faces next fall.

Alright. My computer time is up! Peace out, peeps.


Deena said...

Yeah!! So happy for Margaret! Is this her first baby? I don't remember seeing pictures of her kids.

Glad to see an update! I miss you when you are too busy to blog.

Lauren said...

The next time your hubby is in Florida, you better come, ha! You know where to find me!! :)

Unknown said...

OH! I hate it when fave sunglasses break!

I've been reading tweets all night about this Chipotle recipe, I think I'll have to try it!

I missed Glee tonight! I'm not usually here on Tuesday so I actually forgot it was on...that's OK, cuz part of my wednesday afternoon consists of folding laundry and watching Glee...looking forward to it!

Hope you are able to catch some downtime in between all the business!

*carrie* said...

I'm listening to the song right now via YouTube . . .

I was excited about the Chipotle recipe until I saw it's for beef. Then I had to laugh at myself because I only ever order the veg burrito, and how hard can that be to create at home?! Except that their guacamole is way better than any I've ever made! =)

Love those small world things. I ran into someone I knew in Paris!

Sorry about the sunglasses--mine are a little messed up right now, and I'm going to hold on until they're much worse!

Brenda said...

That has always been the rule with our girls when they put me on the spot. Don't even think about it! The answer will always be no.

Summer's comin'! Believe it or not.

dawn said...

sorry about your leg and your sunglasses! My sister is pregnant too--she is having a little girl and naming her Maisie Jane. She lives here too. :)

Off to listen to your song...

Happy Glee night!

Tiffani said...

Wow! That is a lot of all things rhyme-y!

My knees and ankles have been bothering me like crazy and yet I keep working out...but decided to break today...just hurting too too much.

Excited for your sister! HOw fun!

Katrina @ Pics, Pages & Purls said...

so I went to start the song and my little 20 month old boy came to climb on my lap. HE loves music and he sat on my lap the entire time.
I will have to try that recipe (both of them actually)
Hope your leg is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

April has been crazy busy! I hope May isn't as nuts but my calendar is already full!

Loved the Chipotle burritos...and then the pasta last night! Yay for Meredith recipes!

I have all the stuff to make the strawberry recipe. We'll try it tonight. Sounds yummy.

Jennifer said...

So is Margaret having a boy or a girl??? :)


Gretchen said...

Where would I be w/o your recipes??? Thank you.

Sorry you're still hobbling. I know you're from the South, but tell John not to take you out back and shoot you anyway. ;) I'm sure you're still useful.

Bummed for you about those sunglasses. Snickering just a little that you tried nail polish. Very little snickering. Mostly sad.

Feeling for you about the changes at the kids' school. They really become "our" schools b/c of the time we spend there, no?

Kecia said...

That's crazy that John saw your cousin in Orlando. I love stories like that!